Mark owners must hurry to register '.in' domain names


Trademark owners have only until tomorrow to benefit from the sunrise period offered under the streamlined registration process for India's country-code top-level domain. The new system provides that all applications for '.in' domain names must be made through the appropriate accredited registrar. Applications to register:

Only owners of trademarks registered in India may apply before January 21. Priority for applications will be based on the date of receipt by the registry. Applications from Indian individuals or entities will be given priority over applications from foreign entities.

Applications must include the following information:

  • the domain name, which must be identical to the word element of the registered mark;

  • the registered mark;

  • details of the Indian trademark registration, including status;

  • whether the applicant is an Indian or foreign national; and

  • detailed contact information.

In addition, each application must include the following documents:

  • a certified copy of the trademark certificate or print out of application confirmation;

  • a notarized affidavit in prescribed form; and

  • a print out of the registry email confirmation of the application.

Rachna Bakhru, Rouse & Co International, Dubai

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