Madrid system in force in Iran on December 25 2003

On September 25 2003 Iran deposited with the director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), its instrument of accession to the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol. They will enter into force in Iran on December 25 2003. From that date, applicants will be able to (i) designate Iran in an application for registration of an international trademark or (ii) apply for the territorial extension of an existing international trademark to cover Iran.

A new Intellectual Property Law, which has the aim of ensuring compliance with WIPO standards for the registration and protection of trademarks, has been tabled before the Iranian Assembly and is currently awaiting ratification.

The Iranian Trademark Office has not yet released any information in respect of international filing requirements and fees.

Iran's accession to the agreement and the protocol will bring the number of Madrid system member states to 74.

Mohammad Badamchi, HAMI Legal Services, Tehran

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