It's all '.me, .me, .me' on the Web

United Kingdom

Nominet UK, the registry for the country-code top-level domain, has introduced '' - the first new second-level domain to be introduced since Nominet began operating the registry in 1996.

The '' domain is intended for personal use, but registration is not limited to individuals' names. Registrations are now being taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

The introduction will use a pricing scale which could help to deter cybersquatters and control any rush to register the new names. Nominet is charging £50 plus VAT per name. This fee will be reduced each month until July 1 2002 when the price will be £5 per name, the current charge for '' names. Nominet members who resell the names can charge whatever the market will bear.

Jon Fell, Masons, London

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