Iran adopts eighth edition of Nice Classification

Following the Iranian government's approval of the eighth edition of the Nice Classification, the Trademark Office will start applying its provisions to new trademark applications as of today.

Applicants for Iranian trademarks will now have to choose from 45 different classes since Class 35 (services) will be split into 11 individual classes in compliance with the international classification. However, the Trademark Office will not:

  • reclassify existing registrations. These shall maintain the class allocated pursuant to the edition of the Nice Classification enforceable at the time the trademark application was filed;

  • reclassify pending applications, which will remain under the previous classification system. They will, however, be restructured in due course, for example upon renewal; and

  • grant registration to marks covering alcoholic beverages (Class 33).

Mohammad Badamchi, HAMI Legal Services, Tehran

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