Individuals may register ccTLDs

United Arab Emirates

UAE Network Information Centre (UAE Nic), the sole registration authority for '.ae' domain names, has introduced a new policy, effective on September 15, which allows individuals to register country-code top-level domain names. UAE companies had until then to register their brand names and trademarks in the '.ae' domain space so as to avoid future claims of cybersquatting.

In its announcement, UAE Nic stated that:

"this step has been taken to enhance the UAE's presence on the Internet, in line with the country's policy of encouraging the adoption of internet technology."

In May this year it was reported that UAE Nic had introduced other changes to the legal framework for domain name registration (see Changes to domain name framework announced). The registration rules were changed to provided that commercial entities that would normally have registered '' addresses would be assigned '.ae' addresses. Existing '' domain name holders were given the option of retaining these or replacing them with the shorter version free of charge.

Margaret Campbell, Rouse & Co International, Dubai

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