Increased trademark fees come into force

By means of Resolution 69699, which was issued on December 30 2009, the Colombian Trademark Office has increased the official fees that it charges for industrial property proceedings, including trademark matters. The new fees are effective as of January 1 2010.
In contrast to previous years, this latest increase is not consistent for all types of proceedings. While some fees were raised by only 2.6%, the following proceedings have become significantly more expensive:

  • the registration of licensing agreements (83% increase);
  • applications for a declaration of notoriety (39% increase);
  • the recordal of assignments (28% increase); and
  • the filing of renewals (27% increase).
However, in order to encourage smaller undertakings to protect their trademark rights, the fee for trademark applications filed by micro-businesses (ie, businesses that have less than 10 workers and assets under $131,000) until June 30 2010 has been reduced by 25%. 
Fernando Triana, Triana Uribe & Michelsen, Bogota

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