ICANN to consider wait-listing service for web re-registration


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced that at its meeting in Bucharest next week (June 27) it will consider a proposal by VeriSign to establish, on a 12-month trial basis, a wait-listing service for the '.com' and '.net' top-level domains that will allow for the re-registration of attractive domain addresses as they expire.

The VeriSign proposal calls for customers to go through their internet registrars. VeriSign, as the operator of the '.com' registry and global wholesaler of '.com' addresses, would provide the wait-listing service to registrars at a wholesale rate.

Criticism of the plan comes from some registrars who want VeriSign to charge lower wholesale prices. The current proposal calls for a price range of $24 to $35 per re-registration. Peter Girard, general manager of Afternic, a division of Register.com, has said that registrars still do not know what price the market will bear for wait-listed names and are concerned that they will not be able to turn a profit on the service.

Wherever the price is set, and whatever procedure is settled upon for the proposed trial period, it is in the interests of domain and brand owners to institute a rational and reliable system for domain name re-registration.

Douglas Wood and Linda Goldstein, Hall Dickler Kent Goldstein & Wood LLP, New York

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