ICANN calls for SSAD insight; Inngot CEO on IP lending; neuroscience and IP law collide; and much more

Everything we covered on WTR over the past seven days – and all you need to know from the world of trademarks to set yourself up for the start of another busy week.

The Long Read

A panel of WTR Global Leaders share their tried-and-tested methods for keeping costs down and sticking to budgets once key stakeholders are on board with the IP mission. Read more

Monday 12 July

WTR’s Global Leaders explored the thorny question of what makes an inspiring boss, highlighting six ways to spot an effective leader. Read more

After the controversial abolition of India’s Intellectual Property Appellate Board, local experts described the Delhi High Court’s creation of an Intellectual Property Division as “a positive step towards efficiency”. Read more


Tuesday 13 July

Tuesday’s headlines saw Cointreau suing a cannabis company over its use of QUATREAU for cannabidiol-infused sparkling water, six Amazon TLDs going live, Malta becoming the first EU country to join the IP Register in Blockchain, and much more. Read more

The WTR Brand Elite indices registered a two-point increase in the month ending 30 June, with tech brands soaring and Target proving that sustainability pays. Read more

ICANN reached out for information on the likely number of System for Standardised Access/Disclosure users and requests in light of new research on the continued impact of non-access to WHOIS data. Read more


Wednesday 14 July

WTR sat down with Martin Brassell, CEO of Inngot, to find out how the company intends to change mindsets on IP value and facilitate IP-focused lending and insurance. Read more

A new study uncovered AI that could revolutionise the approach to establishing whether a trademark is generic or distinctive. Read more

Kirkland & Ellis IP practice group partner and Diversity and Inclusion Committee co-chair Ellisen Shelton Turner outlined three ways to create and maintain an effective diversity and inclusion strategy. Read more


Thursday 15 July

The IP offices of Belarus and the United Arab Emirates issued new information regarding processes affected by covid-19. Read more

Despite reports of increased police raids of factories producing counterfeit goods in China, experts on the ground told WTR that there is little sign of a recent rise in legal enforcement. Read more


Friday 16 July

A groundbreaking study on neuroscience and IP law suggested that data from fMRI scans could revolutionise trademark litigation. Read more

Gmail’s authenticated brand logos, the UK Intellectual Property Office’s new bulk renewal service and L’Occitane’s $1.4 million win in China were among Friday’s news stories. Read more

WTR data analysis revealed everything you need to know about Authentic Brands Group before its US listing. Read more


Saturday 17 July

In Saturday’s opinion column, we considered calls for a £3 billion sugar and salt tax in the United Kingdom and whether this could be the start of renewed momentum towards brand restrictions. Read more

WTR Special Report: Inside in-house operations

WTR is pleased to announce the publication of its latest Special Report. “Inside in-house operations: how to build world-class trademark functions and portfolios” takes a deep dive into portfolio, brand and in-house team management – with insight from experts at companies including Facebook, FIFA, Novartis, Verizon and Vodafone. Read more

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