Hungarian characters registrable in '.hu' domain names


Following in the foot steps of, among others, the Norwegian and Danish country-code domain name administrators, the Hungarian Council of Internet Service Providers will accept from March 1 registrations of '.hu' domain names using Hungarian characters. Registrants of '.hu' domain names in the standard ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) character set will have priority to register their equivalent using Hungarian characters. Registration will open to the rest of the public on May 24, when the council has amended its registration rules.

As with other national characters, the introduction of Hungarian characters in '.hu' domain names will create difficulties for those using keyboards that do not have these characters or for those using browsers that do not recognize them (see, for instance, Domain names with Norwegian characters briefly available).

Disputes resulting from the registration of domain names using the new characters will be subject to the registration rules in place.

Gabriella Sasvári, SBG & K Patent and Law Office, Budapest

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