Hundreds of additional quality products to be protected


The Ministry for Agricultural Policies and the Union of Chambers of Commerce have adopted a joint protocol aimed at improving the promotion and protection of quality, Italian foodstuffs and agricultural products.

Italy currently protects 121 national products as designations of origin (DOs) or geographical indications (GIs). National collective trademarks guarantee the origin, nature and quality of hundreds of other products. The new protocol will enable Italy to protect another 200 products by the end of the year. This will be achieved by:

  • selecting products eligible for EU protection as DOs and GIs under Council Regulation 2081/92, and assisting companies to comply with the relevant procedures necessary to obtain such protection;

  • identifying products that should be protected through national collective trademarks under Article 2 of the Italian Trademark Act; and

  • adopting other types of quality certification for products that, because of commercial reasons or their features, are not eligible for other forms of protection.

For a discussion of the expansion of the list of GIs and DOs at EU level, see Plans underway to expand list of GIs and DOs.

Francesca Rolla, Lovells, Milan

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