Hong Kong registered designs now searchable online

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department has launched an online system that enables users to search for all registered designs in the Hong Kong Register of Designs. Three types of search results - image, details and details and image - are available.

Search criteria include:

  • registrations starting from and ending with a certain number;

  • name of the product (eg, bottle);

  • registered owner;

  • class (and sub-class) of the Locarno Classification;

  • filing date or date of registration;

  • address for service;

  • priority number and date; and

  • UK registration number and Hong Kong registration date.

A "contain word" search will locate designs containing the word queried; "exact word" will find designs that exactly match the word queried and "part word" will locate designs containing the character(s) queried. The wildcard character '%' can be used as a substitute for any character in text searches. It should be noted that some search criteria do not apply to a design registered in the United Kingdom if it is deemed to be registered in Hong Kong under the Registered Designs Ordinance.

The new online search is an obvious improvement as searches can now be conducted around the clock. The system is easy to access, user-friendly and free of charge.

Kenny Wong, Johnson Stokes & Master, Hong Kong

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