GIs and DOs can now be registered with IP Agency


Further to the entry into force of the Law on Geographical Indications and Designations of Origin on July 19 2013, the Ministry of Trade and Industry has approved Administrative Instruction No 05/2014 on the registration procedure for geographical indications (GIs) and designations of origin (DOs) and Administrative Instruction No 04/2014 on the official fees for the registration of GIs and DOs. Both administrative instructions entered into force on January 30 2014.

Administrative Instruction No 05/2014 provides detailed information on the procedures prescribed by law, including the procedures for the following:

  • applications;
  • registrations;
  • publications;
  • recordal of changes;
  • renewals; and 
  • termination of validity.

Interested parties are now able to apply for the registration of their GIs or DOs with the Kosovo IP Agency, which is responsible for the registration of GIs or DOs.

The administrative instructions are available in English on the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s website.

Jelena Jankovic, PETOŠEVIC, Belgrade

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