Get valuable trademark litigation know-how from new free-to-view guide

WTR has published the third edition of Trademark Litigation: A Global Guide 2019, which helps rights holders navigate the litigation regimes in key jurisdictions.

Whether for budgetary, reputational or strategic reasons, litigation is usually the action of last resort, often launched only when faced with critical brand challenges or after other resolution efforts have failed. When litigation does become unavoidable, it is essential to craft a robust strategy, taking into account the applicable systems, practices and procedures in the relevant jurisdiction. Reflecting this, the third edition of Trademark Litigation: A Global Guide 2019 serves as an invaluable reference guide to the litigation regimes in 15 key jurisdictions.

Written by experts from leading firms around the globe, the guide provides a simple, easy-to-use digest of the fundamentals of litigation practice in key jurisdictions. Each chapter outlines the legislative framework in the respective jurisdiction, including insight into the available venues, possible causes of action and the damages and remedies that can be obtained. In addition, each chapter additionally examines critical issues such as the availability of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, defences to trademark infringement or dilution, the use of survey evidence and expert witnesses, and the intricacies of the appeals process.

The full publication is available and free to access here.

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