Fraudulently registered '.info' names to be redistributed


Afilias, the registry for '.info' domain names, has announced plans for a public redistribution of over 10,000 names that it seized from those registering under false pretences. The names will be distributed to applicants at random.

When the '.info' names were first offered, trademark owners were given the right to register their marks as '.info' names before the general public. However, no checks were in place to ensure that only legitimate trademark owners were applying for the names. Accordingly, several thousand names were registered by individuals submitting false ownership information.

Afilias will redistribute the generic names using a randomized, round-robin name selection method. Those wanting a name can apply to one of several registrars. Each registrar will submit batches of applications to Afilias, which will then assign a random order to pick names from each of the batches.

Registrars will be allowed to submit batches of name requests over a three-week period beginning in the late spring of 2002.

Jon Fell, Masons, London

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