Forbes finally obtains ''

Russian Federation
In July 2010 US business magazine Forbes finally obtained ownership of the domain name '', seven months after winning a domain name infringement case against a Russian cybersquatter who had been using the domain name illegally.

In January 2010 the Moscow Arbitration Court ruled against Russian travel agency Landmark VIP Services, finding that it had used the trademark FORBES without the magazine’s consent. The court ordered Landmark VIP Services to pay $300,000 (€212,000) in damages - the highest compensation ever awarded in Russia in a domain name infringement case (for further details please see "Court set "precedent" with $300,000 domain name judgment").

Landmark VIP Services subsequently appealed and won the right to annul the court’s decision. Forbes then filed a counter-appeal. However, Forbes has now reached a private agreement with the travel agency, whose managing director stated that it transferred the domain name “as a gesture of goodwill”. It is not mentioned whether the private settlement involved a payment from Forbes.

The Russian edition of the magazine had been using the alternative domain name '' since November 10 2009, when the magazine's Russian website was launched.

Jelena Jankovic, PETOŠEVIC, Belgrade

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