Five things you need to know – IP office insights


Dubai’s Department of Economic Development has released its figures on trademark activity in 2019. Trademark registrations were up by 34%, reaching 5,157 registered marks at the Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection unit. The highest number of trademark applications came from the United States (31%). Complaints were also up 1% to 298 in the past year.

European Union

EUIPO Executive Director Christian Archambeau has released a statement, revealing data on the registry’s environmental initiatives. The statement compares various metrics from 2015 to 2019, which show a “pronounced downward trend in the use of energy, water, business travel and consumption of printing paper and toner per onsite worker”. For example, the office has reduced general waste by 65%, paper waste by 73%, water use by 38% and electricity use by 32% during this period. On top of this, renewable energy use has risen by 30% per onsite worker.


An awareness campaign aimed at local businesses struggling with counterfeit goods has been launched by the Japan Patent Office. “Trademark Fist: Mystery to Protect Business” is based around the president of a company mastering the trademark fist (ie, obtaining registered trademark protection) to help confront manufacturers of counterfeit goods. The primary component of the campaign is an elaborate video featuring a businessman who fights workers in a factory with his ‘trademark fist’. It includes a dedicated website that explains the basics of the trademark system and how to use these rights to protect against fake goods.


“In a bid to boost bilateral collaboration on improving each other’s IP systems,” the IP offices of the Philippines and Laos have signed a memorandum of cooperation. According to the director general of the Philippines office, Josephine R Santiago, the move will prove beneficial to both parties – especially when it comes to digital tools: “Capacity-building activities will encompass search and examination procedures for IP application and IP education and raise awareness, particularly for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.”


The IP Office of Singapore and Singapore Exchange (SGX) have launched the Intangible Disclosure Evaluation and Audit Scheme (IDEAS) programme. Designed for SGX-listed companies and those preparing a listing, the programme aims to raise awareness and provides companies with government support to undergo an evaluation and auditing process for their intangible assets, thereby promoting a more robust disclosure environment.

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