Final chance to share your insights on private investigators and brand protection

There’s just a couple of days left for WTR readers to share their perspective on how private investigators are assisting their brand protection work, and the challenges currently being faced when working with third-party investigators. The short survey, which takes less than 5 minutes to complete, will be a key part of an upcoming WTR investigation.

A few weeks ago, we spoke with two representatives from the Association of British Investigators (ABI) to find out what IP rights holders can do to ensure that anti-counterfeiting and other brand infringement operations continue during the ongoing coronavirus emergency, and how private investigators can help. Interestingly, they claimed that investigators are more successful in some instances due to lockdown restrictions requiring alleged criminals to be located in their primary residence. However, it is unclear if use of PIs will continue post-coronavirus at the same rate, especially due to possible budget cuts and other economic restrictions.

The new survey, which can be accessed below (or via this link), is focused on how often trademark professionals – both at law firms and corporate entities – currently use private investigators and whether such partnerships are effective in brand protection cases. Furthermore, it looks at how PIs are sourced and the hiring process.

Any views supplied in the short survey will be used only to build up a general picture of the state of the market (your responses may therefore be used anonymously in editorial, but will not be attributed to you, and your information will not be used for any commercial purpose). Completion of the survey should take no more than 5 minutes. The results will be presented on the WTR platform in the next couple of weeks.

The survey form is available here or can be accessed below.

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