EU customs and tax assistance project launched in Western Balkans

An EU project called Technical Assistance to Customs and Tax Administrations (TACTA) for the Western Balkan countries has been launched in Tirana, Albania.

The project is led by Italian Customs and funded by the European Commission. Project coordinators have already started organizing regional seminars on the protection of IP rights.

As explained by TACTA project director Natalina Cea, the general objectives of the project are to:
  • harmonize the customs and tax legislation and procedures of the Western Balkan countries with those of the European Union;
  • establish well-functioning and accountable customs and tax administrations;
  • strengthen and modernize the enforcement of customs legislation and procedures at a national level;
  • support legal trade;
  • enhance the institutional capacity of beneficiary countries; and
  • promote regional cooperation.
TACTA teams and work plans were set up for each beneficiary country. The team leaders and staff implementing the project comprise customs and tax experts who:
  • cooperate closely with national customs and tax administrations; and
  • provide them with the necessary IT and expert support, such as study visits and training.
Jovana Miocinovic, Petoševic, Belgrade

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