EU Advisory Group evaluates implementation of Armenia’s IP Strategy

On December 5 2011 the EU Advisory Group to the Republic of Armenia issued a report on the country's progress in implementing its IP Strategy, which was ratified by the Armenian government in June 2011.

Among the positive developments, the EU Advisory Group noted that the police, the Intellectual Property Office and Armauthor (the Authors’ Rights Protection Organisation) have been successfully enforcing IP rights in the country. The EU Advisory Group also commended the work of the Armenian Observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy, a group of key private and public IP stakeholders which plays a central role in coordinating the reform and the enforcement of IP rights.

The priority areas currently relate to border enforcement and the improvement of the criminal and civil procedures in order to reduce the high level of piracy and counterfeiting.

The EU Advisory Group also made a few recommendations for the upcoming months, including:
  • continuing the ongoing reforms of the IP legislation;
  • increasing IP awareness among the authorities and the public; and
  • ensuring a better coordination among the authorities responsible for enforcing IP rights.
The implementation of the IP Strategy is a condition for Armenia’s successful completion of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement negotiations with the European Union. Since 2008 the EU Advisory Group has been supporting the Armenian government in the implementation of its reforms and international commitments.

Aleksandra Pavlovic, PETOŠEVIC, Skopje

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