EEA residents to become eligible to register '.eu' domain names

European Union

Any private person, company or organisation resident or domiciled in the European Union is currently able to register a domain name under the ‘.eu’ top-level domain (TLD). However, from January 8 2014 onwards, residents, companies and organisations based in the European Economic Area (EEA) will also be eligible to register domain names under the ‘.eu’ TLD. 

This means that residents, companies and organisations based in Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway will be able to register ‘.eu’ domain names. This decision by the European Commission follows up on the provision contained in the original ‘.eu’ regulation (Regulation 733/2002 on the implementation of the ‘.eu’ top-level domain), which foresaw the extension of ‘.eu’ to the EEA. "We welcome this positive development which has been in the air for some time. The more countries and businesses that benefit from ‘.eu’’s unique identity, the stronger its brand becomes", commented Marc Van Wesemael, general manager of EURid, the registry for ‘.eu’. He added:

"Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway have had close economic ties with the European Union since the Community’s early years. Granting them access to the ‘.eu’ top-level domain is a natural step forward in that relationship. Our annual research shows that ‘.eu’ is seen as a reliable and valuable online label. We are confident that the companies and residents of these countries will soon appreciate the advantages of the ‘.eu’ TLD, including the strong security procedures for its management and databases."

As a result of this change, EURid has announced that it has updated its registration policy for ‘.eu’ to change the definition of who is eligible to register a ‘.eu’ domain name.

David Taylor, Hogan Lovells LLP, Paris

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