Draft amendments foresee donation of seized counterfeit apparel

The draft amendments to the Macedonian Law on Customs Measures for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights foresee the donation of seized counterfeit textile goods and footwear to socially disadvantaged people and residents of regions affected by natural disasters.

According to the proposed amendments, a competent authority will distribute the goods after obtaining the trademark owner’s consent and following the removal of the trademark from the goods. The competent authority will also have to confirm that the goods meet the relevant safety requirements.

If it is not possible to remove the trademark without permanently damaging the goods or if the trademark owner does not consent to the donation, the goods will be destroyed.

The draft amendments are currently going through the parliamentary procedure and are expected to be ratified soon.

Zivka Kostovska-Stojkovska, PETOŠEVIĆ, Skopje 

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