Draft amendment to trademark legislation introduced


The Industrial Property Office in the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Kosovo has prepared a draft law to amend Law No 04/L-026 on Trademarks.             

With these amendments, the government of Kosovo seeks to harmonise the protection of industrial property in Kosovo with the relevant directives of the European Union, as part of the legislative reform required by the negotiations for the Stabilisation and Association Agreement between the European Union and Kosovo.

The amendments consist in the simplification of the trademark registration procedure and seek to ensure that the protection of registered trademarks is made easier and better.

The draft law has gone through the public consultation process and suggestions from the public are being considered internally by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Once the Ministry of European Integration has confirmed that the amendments are in line with the relevant EU directives, it is expected that the draft law will be examined by parliament committees and then formally presented to Parliament.               

The draft law is part of the government's Legislative Programme for 2014.

Renata Leka, Boga & Associates, Tirana

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