'.cz' domain registrar decentralizes to defeat cybersquatters

Czech Republic

In an attempt to decentralize the domain name registration system in the Czech Republic, Czech NIC has moved to a multi-provider system. This offers registrants of domain names in the '.cz' country-code top-level domain a choice of accredited registrars of which there are 14 currently listed on the NIC website.

If no registrar was selected by the registrant then by default the domain name will have been allocated to the Last Resort Registrar (LRR), which is run by Czech NIC itself. Names may be renewed with LRR if the registrant so chooses, but its price list was increased substantially as of January 1 2004.

In the future, where a Czech domain name is not duly renewed with any of the registrars it will be automatically assigned to the LRR for a period of 30 days before being deleted - a so-called 'protective period'.

This provider system should, hopefully, avoid many of the problems with misallocated registration and renewal payments that have led to domain names being lost to cybersquatters with worrying regularity.

David Taylor, Lovells, Paris

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