Cyprus not ready to accept international applications


The Cyprus Trademarks Registry has announced that it will not be ready to accept international trademark applications until the end of March, even though the Madrid Agreement and Protocol came into force in that country last November.

The registry will have to complete some administrative arrangements with the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization before it can accept international applications designating Cyprus or applications for international marks filed by Cypriot nationals or third parties that have their business established in Cyprus.

However, by the end of 2004 Cypriot applicants will have a vast choice of registration possibilities: national, regional (Community trademark registration from May 1) and international. The proposed link between the Madrid and Community trademark systems will further widen the choices.

For more information on the proposed link between the Madrid and Community systems, see The proposed union of the Madrid and Community trademark systems.

Tonia Antoniou, Michael Kyprianou & Associates, Nicosia

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