CTM statistics for 2010 show small increase

The Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) has released the statistics for Ireland for the year 2010. 

The key points to note are as follows:
  • There were 833 Community trademark (CTM) applications from Irish-based applicants in 2010, which is an increase of approximately 3.5% over the 2009 figure and 5% over the 2008 figure. 
  • There were 54 international registrations filed through OHIM by Irish-based applicants in 2010, a small number but an increase of 35% over the 2009 figure of 40. 
  • The highest number of CTMs received per month was in February (100), which followed the lowest ranking month of January (50).
  • Registered Community designs are still the Cinderella of IP rights, with 271 applications in 2010, down from 315 in 2009. 
  • The most popular classes are Classes 5, 9 and 35 of the Nice Classification, with no applications at all being filed in Class 15 and only one in Class 22. Classes 9 and 35 are the top two classes when CTMs from all countries are considered and Class 5 is the seventh most popular class, which implies that Irish applicants are more involved in the fields of pharmaceutical, veterinary or sanitary preparations, dietetic substances, disinfectants or herbicides than would generally be the case from other countries. 
  • The vast majority of CTMs received from Ireland are in one, two or three classes, namely 672 out 833. 
  • 74% of all Irish-based CTMs filed have English as the first language and French as the second language. 
  • As regards the type of mark, almost 60% of all CTMs received from Irish-based applicants to date were word marks, almost 40% were figurative marks and the remainder (less than 1% each) were three-dimensional, other, colour or sound marks. 
  • The vast majority of CTM applications from Ireland are now filed electronically, namely 784 out of 833. 
  • The top Irish representative for CTMs to date is FRKelly with 46.7%, followed by Tomkins & Co with 20.01%, MacLachlan & Donaldson with 10.49%, Cruickshank with 4.68% and Anne Ryan & Co with 2.95%. 
  • On the basis of total numbers of CTMs filed up to the end of 2010, Ireland had 8461, which made it number 17 in the list of top 25 filing countries, slightly behind Poland and Portugal and ahead of Finland, Australia, Taiwan, Luxemburg, China and Hong Kong. The top three countries by a clear margin are still the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. 
The figures for Irish-based applications are interesting when viewed in the context of Irish national applications and international registrations designating Ireland. In 2010 there were 2,230 Irish national applications, more than 2.6 times the numbers of CTM applications. The number of international registrations designating Ireland in 2010 was 1,533, almost twice the number of CTMs. This perhaps reflects the nature of the Irish market, as being a blend of export-based national companies, domestic industry and international companies with Irish interests. 
Niamh Hall, FRKelly, Dublin and Belfast

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