Council of Ministers adopts seven draft IP laws

Bosnia and Herzegovina
On December 31 2009 the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted seven draft laws in the field of intellectual property, which were proposed by the Institute for Intellectual Property of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The following draft laws were adopted:
  • the Draft Law on Copyrights and Related Rights;
  • the Draft Law on the Collective Management of Copyrights and Related Rights;
  • the Draft Law on Industrial Property;
  • the Draft Law on Patents;
  • the Draft Law on Trademarks;
  • the Draft Law on the Protection of Geographical Indications and Designations of Origin; and
  • the Draft Law on the Protection of Integrated Circuit Topographies
Currently, Bosnia and Herzegovina has only one law on IP rights, the Law on Industrial Property, which entered into force on August 27 2002 and covers patents, trademarks, designs, geographical indications and designations of origin. The aim was thus to create separate laws for each area of intellectual property, as part of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s accession to the European Union and the harmonization of its legislation with EU law.

The seven draft laws are expected to be submitted to the Parliamentary Assembly for further consideration in the near future.

Alma Vilic, PETOŠEVIC, Sarajevo

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