Concerns over hijacked attorney details; takeaways from INTA’s first all-virtual event; Amazon announces new Counterfeit Crimes Unit; and much more

Everything we covered on WTR over the past seven days – and all you need to know from the world of trademarks to set yourself up for the start of another busy week.

Monday 22 June

With sales of handbag conversion kits booming online, WTR discussed the implications on brand reputation and why those in the luxury goods industry should be monitoring the trend closely. Read more here

We reported on the latest developments at a host of national IP offices as the covid-19 pandemic continues to cause havoc for rights holders around the world. Read more here

Tuesday 23 June

In an extract from an upcoming WTR magazine article, Cooley’s Jeff Greene and Salsa Ahmed explained how case law can help high-profile individuals protect their publicity rights in the United States. Read more here

Our first news round-up of the week examined the move to rebrand Eskimo Pie, Rolex successfully opposing an application for MARINER, the owner of a Chinese pharmacy chain imprisoned for the sale of counterfeit face masks, and much more. Read more here

Wednesday 24 June

On Wednesday we reported that Amazon has established a Counterfeit Crimes Unit dedicated to bringing counterfeiters that violate the law and the company’s policies by listing counterfeit products in its stores to justice. Read more here

We outlined the brand implications of a new report that warns an alarming number of major organisations do not have sufficiently protected domain names, with 83% of companies at risk of hijacking. Read more here

With INTA’s ‘Brands in Society: Their Influence and Responsibility’ taking place this week, WTR examined the key takeaways of the event, which offered valuable insight into how brands are managing consumer expectations in the covid-19 environment. Read more here

In our latest opinion column, we reflected on the successes of INTA’s first all-virtual conference and what was learnt about the association’s plans for the combined annual and leadership meetings in November. Read more here

Thursday 25 June

In a two-part series taken from an upcoming WTR piece focusing on enforcement in the Andean region, Luis Marín Tobar of LEXVALOR Abogados dug deep into local case law to determine how rights holders can best tackle bad-faith applications and parasitic trademarks in Bolivia and Colombia. Read more here and here

Following a turbulent few years, the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office has launched a “comprehensive review” into its processes as part of a major new efficiency project. We spoke to a local IP expert about what the future holds in store for the office. Read more here

After business owners reached out to WTR over concerns of a trademark marketing scam, we took a closer look at the ‘Holly Mariella’ campaign conducted by a person who appears to have hijacked the details of a California-based attorney. Read more here

Friday 26 June

IP attorney Julia Anne Matheson explained why the Potomac Law Group has developed a virtual business model that could reshape the trademark industry. Read more here

With an apparent rise in suspicious trademark services marketing campaigns in the United States, WTR highlighted the things that rights holders should look out for when engaging with potential new representation. Read more here

A new report that uses AI to explore the relationship between activism and consumer behaviour has found that an increasing number of US consumers are making spending choices based on their social and political values. We discussed the stances that brands should be taking – or avoiding – in various industries. Read more here

We analysed the IP portfolio of one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies, Kraft Heinz, to examine the new ways in which it is looking to monetise its iconic brands. Read more here

INTA unveils new website, Unilever looking for buyers and Indian consumers boycotting Chinese brands were among the stories featuring in our final news digest of the week. Read more here

Saturday 27 June

This week’s “From the WTR archive” piece presented a selection of articles exploring how companies can, and should, manage their in-house trademark team. Read more here

Legal updates and international reports

Plus, we published 10 legal updates and three international reports examining key trademark decisions and developments from around the globe:

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