Combatting anti-IP sentiment; brand value added to Global Innovation Index; TikTok risks; and much more

Everything we covered on WTR over the past seven days – and all you need to know from the world of trademarks to set yourself up for the start of another busy week.

Monday 31 August

Twelve months after significant trademark reforms took effect in Canada, CPST Intellectual Property’s analysis of the IP landscape highlights five key areas that brand owners have learned to navigate. Read more

Two of this year’s WTR Global Leaders revealed the tangible steps that their firms are taking to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace, at a time when consumers are placing increasing value on brand ethics and brand owners themselves are demanding greater representation from counsel. Read more

With news of the Clarivate-CPA Global merger and Corsearch’s acquisition of TrademarkNow breaking just weeks apart, we considered what the escalating M&A trend in the trademark services sector means for customers and innovation. Read more

Tuesday 1 September

The number of applications filed by so-called ‘trademark trolls’ seems to have increased since the elimination of the use requirement in Canada, but the notification of third-party rights process introduced a year ago has been helping IP owners protect themselves online. Read more

TikTok hosting its first shoppable live-stream, Nestlé finding a buyer for its water business, a counterfeit Nintendo Switch entering the market, and much more featured in Tuesday’s news round-up. Read more

Bruce Berman, chair of the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding, explained why trademark professionals may be uniquely placed to facilitate a change in anti-IP sentiment. Read more

Wednesday 2 September

Trademark experts around the world shared their advice for building and maintaining an effective global IP strategy, with key requirements ranging from competitor IP landscaping and proactive risk management to close collaboration with foreign partners and reliance on larger firms. Read more

We reported on the 2020 WIPO Global Innovation Index, in which Sweden topped the national rankings and Amazon peaked among global brands. Most notably, though, the index itself broke new ground this year by considering brand value for the first time. Read more

A new study highlighted how the brand perception and purchasing intent of both Democrat and Republican consumers are affected by the tweets of US President Donald Trump. Read more

A survey revealed that 51% of consumers believe that they can identify fake goods, with websites and physical markets more popular than online marketplaces for such purchases. Read more

Thursday 3 September

Among the latest updates from IP offices tackling delays brought about by covid-19, Intellectual Property India confirmed that it will be resuming trademark hearings via videoconferencing and the Korean Intellectual Property Office announced a temporary reduction in the interest rate for loans under the IP deduction. Read more

In a guest post, Unitalen partner Bing Li demystified a seemingly complex set of circumstances to explain everything you need to know about the suspension of examinations in trademark administrative cases in China. Read more

The covid-19 crisis has had a significant impact on consumer behaviour, not to mention infringement activity online, but Elipe’s Toe Su Aung and Lextel Partners’ James Nurton argued that this could be a golden opportunity to revise regulations for digital platforms – provided that intermediaries act quickly. Read more

As reports emerge that German exports will drop as the country reduces its interaction with the global market, we revealed that domestic trademark filings are increasing at an above average rate for the European Union. Read more

Friday 4 September

In our Friday news digest, we saw Queen Elizabeth II prevail in a trademark dispute, McDonald’s take on Hungry Jack over its BIG JACK mark, Kraft Heinz push forward with licensing in the toy industry, and much more. Read more

WTR data analysis revealed that although video-sharing app TikTok is a highly attractive brand for its resonance with the Gen-Z demographic, its relationship with China and status as a social media giant will create risks for whoever takes it on. Read more

Saturday 5 September

In anticipation of next month’s WTR Connect, this week we delved into the archive and presented a selection of takeaways from previous WTR events – including advice on how to break down internal barriers and when and when not to litigate. Read more

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