CIRA to make '.ca' domain name registrations easier

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), the Canadian domain name registry, has announced plans to change its registry system. CIRA's aim is to streamline the registration process and, in turn, make it easier for users to register '.ca' domain names.
One of the main changes is that accredited registrars for '.ca' domain names will be directly responsible for validating '.ca' domain name registrations. Currently, after applying for a '.ca' domain name, the registrant is contacted by CIRA in order to validate the registration for security purposes. This intervention by CIRA between the registrant and the accredited registrar has caused some registrants confusion. Therefore, going forward, it is intended that validation will instead be left to the registrar. However, CIRA will continue to send out notifications to registrants when it wishes to transfer ownership of their domain names.
In addition, CIRA aims to change the functionality of its registration system, thus making the registration of multiple domain names via multiple registrars less time consuming for end users
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, CIRA aims to reduce the number of instances where individuals and companies forget to renew their domain names. In order to combat this problem, CIRA intends to allow auto-renewals for domain names to be implemented by registrars.
The full specification document of the proposed registry changes is scheduled to be completed in October 2010.
David Taylor, Lovells LLP, Paris

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