Changes to renewal procedure for '.es' domain names require caution

On March 13 2010 the Spanish domain name registry,, released a new version of its domain name management system, which involves changes to the registration and management procedures for '.es' domain names.
Under the new domain name management system, it is now possible to register or renew Spanish domain name registrations for up to 10 years. It is also now possible to renew a Spanish domain name registration at any point in time, and not only on its renewal date.
Any domain name not renewed by its renewal date will be temporarily deactivated and there will be a five-day period in which the renewal fee may be paid. Should payment not be made within 10 days of the renewal date, the domain name will be cancelled.
Any changes that are required to be made to the domain name may now be carried out by email approval sent to the administrative contact's email address.
Considering the changes to the renewal procedure for Spanish domain names, domain name owners are advised to ensure that their Spanish portfolio is secure and that domain name renewals are dealt with promptly.
David Taylor, Lovells LLP, Paris 

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