Changes planned for '.es'


A plan has been proposed to make the existing rules for registering under Spain's country-code top-level domain more flexible, while at the same time assuring security to maintain the very low rate of cybersquatting involving '.es' domains.

First, the plan proposes to allow individuals residing in Spain to apply to register their complete name as a domain name in the '.es' domain space without first needing to have a registered trademark that uses their name.

Second, five second-level domains will be created:

  • '' for commercial purposes;

  • '' for personal web pages;

  • '' for non-profit organizations;

  • '' for government initiatives; and

  • '' for educational institutions.

Third, the types of name that may be registered will be broadened, for example, to include geographical areas.

Finally, in order to maintain the low rate of cybersquatting that the '.es' domain has experienced since it was created in 1996, a sunrise registration period for the above-mentioned new domains will be implemented, thereby allowing trademark holders and public entities to register domain names before opening registration to the general public.

Enric Enrich and Elisabeth Planell, Enrich, Amat, & Vidal-Quadras Advocats, Barcelona

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