Campaign to promote '.mx' domain name registrations launched

NIC Mexico, the registry responsible for the '.mx' country-code top-level domain, has launched its "Let's Be More '.mx'" campaign to promote '.mx' domain name registrations, and encourage users to promote their projects, businesses and ideas on the Internet.
The chief executive officer of NIC Mexico, Oscar Robles, has been quoted as saying that NIC Mexico is aiming to "place the name of Mexico on the Internet".
The "Let's Be More '.mx'" campaign has created a website to accompany the campaign, where it is hoped that '.mx' users will share their experiences.
Domain name registrations under '.mx' are currently unrestricted and, therefore, any entity may register a '.mx' domain name. As part of the "Let's Be More '.mx'" campaign, NIC Mexico is offering domain name registrations directly under the '.mx' extension at a reduced registry fee of $20.
With any promotion of this sort by a domain name registry, it is likely that some third parties will see this as a golden opportunity to take advantage of any available domain names that may infringe trademark holders' IP rights. This may arise from malicious conduct on the part of potential registrants, or first-time registrants may naively assume that such activities are permitted.
Consequently, interested parties for whom Mexico is a market of importance are advised to conduct a review of their Mexican domain name portfolio and take action to ensure that they are adequately protected under '.mx'.
David Taylor and Daniel Madden, Hogan Lovells, Paris

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