Campaign for introduction of Cyrillic top-level domain launched

The Macedonian Academic Research Network (MARnet), which is responsible for managing and servicing Macedonia’s Latin top-level domain, '.mk', has launched a campaign for the introduction of a Cyrillic top-level domain (TLD). Macedonian citizens were invited to submit proposals for a Cyrillic TLD by December 3 2012.

MARnet will review the proposals and select the extensions that satisfy the prescribed technical criteria. The extension needs to be in the official language of Macedonia and represent the full name, part of the name or an abbreviated form of the name of the country; it also needs to be different from the Latin TLD, '.mk'.

After selecting the extensions that satisfy these criteria, MARnet will post the proposals on its website, and citizens, associations and legal entities will have one month to vote. The proposal that wins the most votes will be included in the official request for initiating the process for obtaining a Cyrillic TLD that will be submitted to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Aleksandra Pavlovic, PETOŠEVIC, Skopje  

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