Call goes out for interest in '.eu' domain registry

European Union

The European Commission has issued a call for expressions of interest in running the '.eu' domain registry, to be received by October 25. The '.eu' Top-Level Domain Regulation sets out the registry's duties and lists a series of selection criteria that will be applied, as follows:

  • The registry will be responsible for the promotion of '.eu' and will be financed solely through the revenue from registrations.

  • The registry must be a non-profit organization formed and with its principal place of business in the European Union.

  • The registry will be subject to the usual obligations of transparency and non-discrimination when carrying out its functions.

  • The detailed functions of the registry are summarized in a draft service concession agreement (Annex 4 of the call), which provides for close supervision of the registry's activities and finances. The agreement will last for five years and may then be renewed.

  • The registry will not be entitled to act as a registrar for '.eu'. Rather, it will accredit registrars and be responsible for monitoring them, ensuring that there is effective competition among registrars.

There will be an opportunity for member states to secure geographic and geopolitical '.eu' names before individuals and companies can begin registering names. Only residents or companies established, formed or with their principal place of business in the European Union will be entitled to register names in the domain.

Robyn Durie, Robyn Durie Consultants, London

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