Calculating anti-counterfeiting ROI, a heated brand valuation debate and crafting the perfect cease and desist: issue 70 now online

Issue 70 of World Trademark Review has been published and is now available to subscribers online. For our cover story we explore how to calculate the return on investment for brand protection endeavours. While regarded by some as an impossible task, one practitioner told us how her team has been able to position itself as a revenue generator, returning a 300% ROI last year.

In a KPI-driven corporate environment, return on investment is a central preoccupation yet remains difficult to measure when it comes to brand protection and anti-counterfeiting endeavours. However, in our cover feature, a gratifying number of corporate counsel told us about the eye-opening strategies they have developed to measure brand protection ROI and turned the seemingly impossible into a reality.

Also in this edition we present a compelling and heated debate between two brand valuation industry heavyweights from Brand Finance and MARKABLES. In recent months the two sides have engaged in fiery rhetoric over the publication of brand valuation ranking tables. We therefore invited them each to set out their arguments and then respond to the other. The end result will be sure to spark more discussion and is a timely reminder of how passionate both sides feel about their respective positions.

In addition, the latest issue contains a look at how cease and desist letters are evolving; predictions on how artificial intelligence will change the trademark status quo; a detailed analysis of the European Commission’s Brexit paper on intellectual property; guidance on avoiding the legal obstacles associated with promoted social media posts; an examination of how the trademark landscape in Kenya is set to shift dramatically; all the usual news and columns; and the latest advice from our Country Correspondents on trademarks in the food and beverage sector.

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