Bumper Trademarks Journal tries to clear application backlog


The only edition to date in 2005 of Nigeria's Trademarks Journal was published on June 29.

As in other jurisdictions, the purpose of the journal is to advertise the marks that have been applied for and give interested parties an opportunity to oppose the registration of any of these applications. Interested parties have two months from the date of the official publication to file a notice of opposition. In the event that no objection is filed, the final registration/sealing fee becomes due for payment. Subsequently, the registration certificate issues and the application is then allocated a permanent registered trademark number.

There is no regularity in the publication of the journal because of, among other things, financial constraints and excessive red tape. With around 850 applications filed every month, a huge backlog of unpublished marks has built up. It is therefore almost impossible to estimate when accepted applications will be advertised, although experience has shown that this may take between six months to one year, sometimes even longer.

In order to try and clear the backlog of applications to be published, the Trademarks Journal has carried over 2,000 ads in its last few editions (the latest carried over 2,500). It is hoped that the next journal will be published soon.

Folasade Laniyan, Jackson Etti & Edu, Lagos

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