Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian markets and websites listed in 'notorious markets' review


In December 2011 the US government released a list of marketplaces, both physical and online, that are well known for offering counterfeit and pirated products. Ukrainian, Russian and Bulgarian markets and websites were included in the list.

The review of 'notorious markets', formerly part of the Office of the US Trade Representative's annual Special 301 Report, was published as a separate document for the second time.

Among the physical marketplaces offering fake goods, the report lists the open-air Petrivka Market in Kiev, Ukraine, with approximately 300 stands selling pirated music, films, games and software. The Savelovskiy Market in Moscow, Russia, previously known for offering counterfeit electronic goods, was taken off the list, as “the management has implemented an action plan to stop the distribution of infringing goods”.

Among the online sources of fake goods, the report includes Russian-based BitTorrent tracker Rutracker, which is among Russia’s 15 most-visited websites and among the 300 most-visited websites globally. Also included in the list are the Ukraine-based BitTorrent tracker Demonoid, Bulgarian-based BitTorrent tracker zamunda and the BitTorrent indexing website Kat.ph (formerly kickasstorrents), which is based in Ukraine, Romania and Canada.

Russian social network vKontakte, which is among the four most-visited websites in Russia and among the 40 most-visited websites in the world, is cited in the report for providing access to unauthorised audio and audiovisual material.

Jelena Jankovic, PETOŠEVIC, Belgrade  

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