Brand owners’ call to arms against online fakes: new edition of World Trademark Review now available

In recent months we have reported closely on the outcry against Alibaba’s membership of the International Anti-counterfeiting Coalition, high-profile companies embroiled in public spats with marketplaces and in-fighting between platforms themselves. In the latest edition of World Trademark Review - now available online to subscribers - our cover story focuses on the rights protection mechanisms that some of the world’s biggest brands would like digital marketplaces to implement.

Also in the edition we present our annual feature on the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). It has been a busy year for the Alicante-based body, with trademark filings on the rise, new tools for users coming on stream and the small matter of a new legislative framework to adapt to. As well as revealing the top filers, we therefore asked users to assess the EUIPO’s performance during this period of change. To accompany our analysis, we also asked counsel from laws firms across 20 jurisdictions to provide an overview of the performance of their countries’ EU trademark courts.

Elsewhere, we turn our attention to the structural management of trademark portfolios. Multiple issues are affected by the decision of where to hold a business’s IP assets, with analysis of the legal, tax and business considerations merely the starting point. The positioning of rights is just one step in the trademark lifecycle and we also turn our gaze to the handling of the final stages. There have been several instances of defunct brands being reintroduced in recent months, and the rise of the so-called ‘zombie’ brands provides a number of lessons for both original owners and resurrectors. In addition, we have all the usual news and columns; the latest advice from our Country Correspondents on the treatment of advertising (unfair and comparative) in their jurisdictions; and an overview of anti-counterfeiting regimes across Africa.

Hard copies of the magazine are being mailed out to subscribers, and the online version is available here.

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