Bolshoi Theatre's marks recognised as well known

Russian Federation
The trademarks of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia have been recognised as well known as of August 3 2005.

Consequently, the image of the Bolshoi Theatre and the word 'Bolshoi' can be used only with permission of the theatre. Moreover, the theatre will be able to prevent use of the marks not only in respect of services in Classes 35 and 41 of the Nice Classification, for which they are registered, but also in respect of a wide range of goods and services, including dissimilar ones.
The recognition of the marks as well known may seem belated, but can be explained by a lack of initiative on the part of the theatre. Russian ballet has been renowned for decades in Russia and around the world, so this new status emphasises only what has been common knowledge for many years. The well-known status of the marks means that not only theatrical events, but also any goods and services, now fall within the scope of protection of the marks.
Vladimir Biriulin, Gorodissky & Partners, Moscow

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