Benelux Trademark Office increases registration fees


The Benelux Trademark Office (BTO) has increased by 7% its registration fees and further increases are likely. The registration of a Benelux trademark for a 10-year term will now cost about €207.

The increase is in response to a serious downturn in BTO business. The introduction of a centralized European trademark search and registration facility has resulted in a significant fall in Community trademark searches at the BTO. Other procedural changes allowing accelerated searches and applications have also affected the BTO's income.

In addition to the increased fees, the BTO will also cut back on personnel and other expenditures.

These measures should result in savings of €700,000 per year. However, even with these savings, the BTO has not ruled out further increases to the trademark registration fees in the near future. It is thought that a rise of 15% may be necessary to balance the BTO's finances.

Stéphan Le Goueff, Le Goueff Law Office, Luxembourg

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