Banksy victory; US midterms; NIS2 Directive; and much more

Everything we covered on WTR over the past seven days – and all you need to know from the world of trademarks to set yourself up for the start of another busy week.

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The Long Read

Changes to name, image and likeness rights are reshaping the US college sports landscape, explain Saul Ewing LLP’s Amy Piccola and Levi Schy.

Monday 14 November

We uncover the biggest counterfeit hotspots in Italy.

Amazon, JD and Lazada are among those joining a new e-commerce and pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting alliance.


Tuesday 15 November

We reveal what the US midterm election results mean for IP policy.

A Twitter impersonation causes Eli Lilly’s stock to plunge, Red Points receives a funding boost, Rolex enters the metaverse, and more.

Apple reclaims the title of “the world’s most intangible company”, but a 25% drop in global intangible value leads to renewed calls for a rethink of accounting rules.


Wednesday 16 November

Banksy earns a significant victory as the EUIPO Board of Appeal rules that his monkey image mark is valid.

Brand owners are warned of six counterfeit havens in Pakistan.


Thursday 17 November

The EU Parliament passes the NIS2 Directive, removing a concerning loophole to address access to accurate WHOIS data.

A landmark NFT injunction for Juventus FC paves the way for future metaverse enforcement.


Friday 18 November

Aldi teases adidas with a ‘three stripes’ product range, Meta wins its infinity logo suit, INTA elects its 2023 president, and more.

We outline the latest tools and services at the Chilean IP office.


Saturday 19 November

The US Supreme Court’s decision on Andy Warhol’s use of Prince photos raises unresolved questions about fair use.

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