Argentina introduces '' sub-domain

NIC Argentina, the organization responsible for the Argentine domain name space, has announced the launch of the new sub-domain ‘’. 
The introduction of ‘’ follows the signing of an agreement between the National Tourism Secretary and the Foreign Affairs Ministry (which is in charge of NIC Argentina). The new extension will be aimed principally at travel agents, tour operators and other professional bodies involved in the tourist industry which are registered in Argentina. Registrations under the new sub-domain were launched on June 9 2008.
Specific regulations govern eligibility for the ‘’ extension. The registration of domain names under ‘’ will be reserved for any registered company recognized by the National Tourism Secretary. In order to proceed with the registration of a ‘’ domain name, a company is required to provide its company registration number. Foreign companies interested in registering a domain name under the ‘’ extension will need to provide proof of local presence.
These measures have been introduced to:
  • crack down on companies operating throughout Argentina without the necessary governmental authorization; and
  • preserve the reliability of any future sites under the ‘’ extension.
Holders of domain names under the extension ‘’ that meet the above criteria can register the ‘’ equivalent of their domain name on a priority basis until October 7 2008.
According to NIC Argentina, the top 10 words used in connection with domain name registrations in Argentina relate to tourism, with viajes (Spanish for ‘travel’), tango, aereos (‘air’)and hotel being the most popular.
David Taylor, Lovells LLP, Paris

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