'.ar' domain name registrations must now be renewed


NIC Argentina, the registry for the '.ar' country-code top-level domain (ccTLD), has announced that from June 1 2005 '.ar' domain name registrations will need to be renewed.

Section 5 of Resolution 2226/2000 provides that:

"The registration of domain names shall be valid for one year as of the date of registration and shall be subject to renewal. The extension of the term must be requested during the last month of validity of the registration. In the event that the applicant does not apply for renewal, the name shall be automatically deregistered."

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which supervises NIC Argentina, suspended the provision on August 29 2000 by an internal decision because NIC Argentina did not have the infrastructure to handle renewals as well as registrations. Therefore, until now, it had not been necessary to renew '.ar' ccTLDs.

Ahead of the reintroduction of the renewal obligations on June 1, NIC Argentina sent out on May 1 information emails in connection with domain name registrations made on June 1 of each year since it started accepting '.ar' registrations. These emails have been sent to the addresses associated with the registering organization, the contact person and the technical contact, and will notify the recipient of the domain registration renewal date.

Keeping in mind how NIC Argentina will handle renewal notifications, it is important that registrants of '.ar' domain names due to be notified in the following months (June for registrations made in July, July for registrations made in August and so forth) keep the registration and contact data of their domains updated, and that registering organizations that have not done so proceed to enter their respective email addresses as required by the regulations in force.

There will be no official fees payable for the renewal, although such fees may be imposed for the maintenance of domain names in the future.

Fernando Noetinger, Noetinger & Armando, Buenos Aires

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