Ajman Customs establishes new recordal system

United Arab Emirates

In a bid to enhance border measures and the protection of IP rights, Ajman Customs has issued an administrative circular whereby it will start accepting recordal applications for trademarks and commercial agencies.

Accordingly, brand owners will now have the option of recording their trademarks with Ajman Customs; this should increase the protection of trademarks in an emirate that has long attracted infringers seeking to store counterfeit goods due to the area's massive, relatively low-cost, industrial areas. The customs authorities in the United Arab Emirates function at a local level, and each emirate applies its own discretion to monitor its borders and enforce the necessary measures.  

Calls were made many years ago to establish a proper IP recordal and enforcement system in all local customs authorities in the United Arab Emirates. After Dubai Customs took the lead and established the IP Rights Department, customs authorities in other emirates - such as Sharjah Customs and Ras Al Khaeima Customs - established IP sections to receive recordal requests. Ajman Customs has now taken similar steps to increase its cooperation with IP and trademark owners.

In addition, Abu Dhabi Customs created internal procedures to establish an independent IP division, which receives complaints from brand owners. However, the official recording system still requires internal approval before the officials at Abu Dhabi Customs can issue official recordal certificates to brand owners.

Munir Suboh, Al Tamimi & Company, Dubai

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