ICANN 70 takeaways; Nike ‘Satan Shoes’ spat; tips for well-known status in China; and much more

Everything we covered on WTR over the past seven days – and all you need to know from the world of trademarks to set yourself up for the start of another busy week.

WTR operational management survey

How did your trademark practice change over the past 12 months? What are the newest threats for brands around the world? Did covid-19 significantly impact your IP-related work? Let us know by completing the latest WTR benchmarking survey, which aims to identify how trademark practice is evolving in both the law firm and corporate environments. Read more

The long read

Anti-counterfeiting cannot be a spectator sport – it needs players all through the supply chain. In this week’s long read, Robert Masters, Lisa Martens and Katy Carlyle at Sheppard Mullin have drawn up a clear strategy for brands, manufacturers and retailers defending their rights in the US market. Read more

Monday 29 March

We took a closer at look Nestlé’s filing data to reveal how the Swiss multinational keeps its arsenal of iconic brands up to date. Read more

The Government Advisory Committee urged ICANN to consider public policy concerns over the proposed SSAD system, with the stakes high for rights holders reliant on WHOIS data for enforcement purposes. Read more

In an exclusive guest post, experts at IP law firm Marks & Clerk revealed how changes to the UK customs recordals process post-Brexit are affecting anti-counterfeiting strategies. Read more


Tuesday 30 March

Tuesday’s news round-up saw France victorious in a ‘france.com’ dispute, the USPTO issuing a credential warning, the EUIPO winning a Green Apple award, and much more. Read more

In a guest article, the Winterfeldt IP Group’s Brian J Winterfeldt and Griffin Barnett provided a run-down of all the key takeaways for rights holders from the latest ICANN meeting. Read more

Following the news that Nike has filed a lawsuit against art collective MSCHF relating to its 'Satan Shoes' collaboration with Lil Nas X, we argued that the fashion brand's attorneys were left with little choice but to take legal action. Read more


Wednesday 31 March

A recent report from the Chilean National Institute of Industrial Property has revealed that the number of trademarks filed by women increased by a whopping 101% over the past year. Speaking to WTR, national director Loreto Bresky reflected on various initiatives behind the hike. Read more

As Women's History Month 2021 drew to a close, Anaqua’s Aileen Buchanan, Jayne Durden and Karen Taylor discussed key areas that the IP industry needs to address. Read more


Thursday 1 April

We reported on the latest covid-19-related measures at the UK, Iraq and West Bank IP offices, including temporary fee changes and the end of extension periods. Read more

WTR spoke to Olena Moroz, trademark manager legal affairs at Puma SE, to determine what global brands can learn from the brand’s recent success in achieving well-known status in China. Read more


Friday 2 April

Friday’s news stories included MSCHF’s mischievous response to the Nike ‘Satan Shoes’ trademark suit, a Volkswagen rebrand hoax backfiring, the UKIPO’s latest report tracking illegal online content consumption, and much more. Read more

Saturday 3 April

Our Saturday opinion column took a closer look at recent policy announcements in China, explaining why we can expect more high-profile trademark decisions following in the footsteps of Michael Jordan, New Balance, Peppa Pig and Puma in the coming months. Read more

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