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App takedowns are the new cease and desist dilemma, and require careful strategising

In our Saturday opinion piece, we consider recent backlashes against app marketplace takedown actions – and the resulting media coverage.

App takedowns are the new cease and desist dilemma, and require careful strategising
New data reveals tactics and trade routes taken by counterfeiters using maritime containers
24 Feb 2021

New data reveals tactics and trade routes taken by counterfeiters using maritime containers

New research has revealed that more than half of the total value of counterfeit goods seized around the world are shipped by sea.

“This is startling and of great concern”: INTA report lays out blueprint to remedy gender inequalities in IP profession
24 Feb 2021

“This is startling and of great concern”: INTA report lays out blueprint to remedy gender inequalities in IP profession

INTA’s Women’s LeadershIP Initiative has released a report and best practices toolkit to empower women in the IP field to develop strong leadership skills and advance their careers.


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22 Feb 2021

“It is simply disingenuous”: attorneys hit out at USPTO trademark application burden estimates

Submissions to a recently closed USPTO public comment window have hit out at the office’s requirement of applicant domicile details and attorney bar numbers. Read more

20 Feb 2021

Consolidation continues in IP services sector but further tech innovation expected (not least from law firms)

In our Saturday opinion piece, we consider recent activity in the non-legal IP services market. Read more

18 Feb 2021

Study reveals the commercial cost of C-suite apathy towards trademark function

New research from Clarivate has revealed the commercial impact of low C-suite engagement with the trademark function. Read more

18 Feb 2021

NovumIP launches into US market as next step in plan to become “one of the top three IP service providers worldwide”

Speaking to WTR, NovumIP chair Reinhard Ottway expands on the company’s plans, with expansion into Asia in its sights. Read more

17 Feb 2021

Lenovo’s record-breaking revenue drives growth as WTR Brand Elite stocks hit new high

The WTR Brand Elite project tracks how a defined set of brand-focused companies with industry-leading trademark teams perform against stock market indices. Read more

15 Feb 2021

International registrations, Brexit and trademarks in the Crown dependencies and Gibraltar

In a guest piece, Julius Stobbs, founder of Stobbs, details the current requirements for potential trademark registrants in these unique jurisdictions. Read more

13 Feb 2021

Coca-Cola voices frustration over lack of diversity in legal field, expect more companies to follow suit

Coca-Cola has become the latest company to publicly detail the diversity, inclusion and belonging commitments that it expects of law firms in its external network. Read more

11 Feb 2021

Lawmakers should rethink use of ‘derogatory’ consumer label in US trademark law, study finds

A new research paper claims that the use of the term ‘consumer’ in trademark law is causing linguistic bias that could be defining the public in a “patronizing, biased, insulting and indulgent” manner, and urges a rethink. Read more

10 Feb 2021

“There is no way one single government or company can address this issue on its own”: inside PMI’s illicit trade prevention strategy

Hernan Albamonte, PMI's head of illicit trade prevention for the United States, explains how the company is tackling IP infringement and illicit trade in all of its guises. Read more

9 Feb 2021

EA reveals plans to revive college football video game franchise as focus on NCAA rules intensifies

Electronic Arts plans to relaunch its popular EA Sports college football video game franchise, but without student-athlete names, images and likenesses (NIL). However, the NCAA NIL regime is on the cusp of change. Read more

9 Feb 2021

An inside look at Reed Smith’s diversity and inclusion strategy

DE&I Global Chair, John Iino, and partner chair of PRISM, Alan York, provide insight into the firm’s approach to diversity, equity & inclusion policies. Read more

8 Feb 2021

Revocations and damages: the 2020 China decisions shaping trademark practice

Continuing our two-part overview of key decisions in China in 2020, we explore decisions on revocations for non-use and those illustrating the raising level of financial compensation awarded by the courts. Read more

8 Feb 2021

The China trademark cases you need to know about

Wanhuida Intellectual Property partners Huang Hui and Paul Ranjard outline a number of important decisions addressing trademark refusal, oppositions and invalidations on relative grounds handed down in 2020. Read more

6 Feb 2021

Efforts to help SMEs acquire and use trademarks are great, but more needs to be done to protect them from scammers

While efforts to help more SMEs benefit from IP ownership are to be applauded, there also needs to be a relentless industry focus on keeping them safe from the fraudsters and scammers. Read more

4 Feb 2021

The policies behind WTR 1000 firms listed as ‘Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality’

Members of some of the firms detail why they believe their approaches to diversity and inclusion earned them the ranking in HRC's annual Corporate Equality Index. Read more

3 Feb 2021

Covid-19 and post-Brexit Britain – Sandris Laganovskis on challenges of new EUIPO role

In an exclusive interview with WTR, the new EUIPO deputy director for international cooperation, Sandris Laganovskis, reveals the opportunities and challenges that he foresees in the role. Read more

2 Feb 2021

Despite volatile stock markets, WTR Brand Elite outperforms number of major indices in 2020

The WTR Brand Elite recorded a 4.4% return across 2020, with our collective of companies outperforming a number of major stock market indices, including the NYSE and FTSE 100. Read more

1 Feb 2021

Report slams ICANN policy as extent of hidden WHOIS data revealed

A new report has revealed that only 13.5% of domains have publicly available contact data – making it harder for law enforcement and brand owners to fight infringement and cybercrime. Read more

30 Jan 2021

Recalibrating the work-life balance will be one of the biggest challenges facing trademark professionals in 2021 (and beyond)

In our latest opinion column we reflect on the findings of the latest WTR Trademark Elite Expert Panel report. Read more

29 Jan 2021

Diversifying your attack strategy: Daniel McKinnon on New Balance’s brand protection approach

Daniel McKinnon, global head of brand protection at New Balance, tells WTR how he has created a resilient and effective enforcement approach. Read more

28 Jan 2021

Trademark leaders expect increased consumer engagement with brands, creating an anti-counterfeiting opportunity

Trademark industry leaders expect more favourable consumer interaction with brands in the coming six months, reveals the second WTR Trademark Elite Expert Panel report. Read more

27 Jan 2021

Workloads are on the increase, concerns remain over trademark team resourcing: exclusive research

The second WTR Trademark Elite Expert Panel report reveals the workload and headcount expectations of corporate and law firm leaders – with a mixed outlook highlighting a number of challenges for brand-focused teams. Read more

27 Jan 2021

Domain spend increases as brand protection becomes main driver of registration strategies

A new study reveals that, while domain names are overwhelmingly regarded as an important part of a company’s IP strategy, it is the IT team that is currently taking the lead on domain acquisition and security. Read more

26 Jan 2021

Apple wrestles ‘most valuable brand’ crown from Amazon as diversification drives growth

Apple has replaced Amazon at the top of the Brand Finance Global 500 2021 ranking of the world’s most valuable brands following a stellar 87% increase in brand value over the past year. Read more

23 Jan 2021

2020 changed everything – for brands and trademark professionals

In the latest in our series of Saturday opinion columns we reflect on how the perception of brands changed irrevocably in 2020, leading to greater expectations on corporate social responsibility and social action. Read more

21 Jan 2021

How to manage the brand risk of social media’s ‘cancel culture’

An online spat between authors highlights the brand risk associated with social media influencers and cancel culture, one brand expert says. Read more

20 Jan 2021

IACC urges Biden administration to hit the ground running on intellectual property

The IACC expects the Biden administration to take an ‘evolution’ not ‘revolution’ approach towards IP policy and urges it to build on efforts to fight fakes. Read more

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