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A new era of working with influencers in India: what brand owners need to know

In an exclusive guest post, Remfry and Sagar partner Samta Mehra looks at the rapidly changing regulations for influencer advertising in India.

A new era of working with influencers in India: what brand owners need to know
GI, PDO or TSG? How to choose the best options for traditional food and drink in Europe
29 Jul 2021

GI, PDO or TSG? How to choose the best options for traditional food and drink in Europe

The Long Read: Producers of traditional European food and drink have a buffet of IP rights to choose from. Baker McKenzie’s Claire France and Jessica Le Gros provide a straightforward guide to making the right selection.

From Tokyo to Brisbane: inside the ever-evolving Olympic brand protection strategy
28 Jul 2021

From Tokyo to Brisbane: inside the ever-evolving Olympic brand protection strategy

Jayne Durden, vice president, law firm strategy at Anaqua, reveals how the International Olympic Committee enforces the Olympic brand and what actions sponsors and advertisers should take through every stage of the Olympic cycle.


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24 Jul 2021

Headlines suggest Toyota is shying away from Olympics, but reality is very different

In this week’s opinion column, we reflect on the news that Toyota is scaling back its promotional activity around the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Read more

22 Jul 2021

Why paralegals could be doing so much more for your in-house team: CSL Behring reveals all

WTR sits down with lead counsel trademarks Frank Schöne-de la Nuez and paralegal Anabela Mendes de Oliveira to hear how global biotech leader CSL Behring nurtures a paralegal team that goes above and beyond its traditional remit. Read more

21 Jul 2021

Exclusive research reveals rights holders are relying on historical data to overcome WHOIS blackout, as uncertainty over future persists

Analysis of an exclusive survey, conducted last month, reveals how online brand protection professionals are adapting their strategies in light of the ongoing WHOIS blackout. Read more

21 Jul 2021

The case for consumers: call for legal reform to provide standing to trademark stakeholders

A new study has found that the current Lanham Act “may not be a perfect fit to all sectors of the market”, especially in situations when a consumer’s reliance on a trademark may cause them reputational or financial harm. Read more

19 Jul 2021

Emoji Company tops 2021 US trademark litigation plaintiff list as small filings rebound predicted

Trademark litigation filings at US federal district court level remain set to exceed 2020’s number this year, according to the latest data from Lex Machina. Read more

15 Jul 2021

Talking money with clients and the board: guidance from elite practitioners

The Long Read: A panel of WTR Global Leaders share their tried-and-tested methods for how to keep costs down and stick to budgets once key stakeholders are on board with the IP mission. Read more

14 Jul 2021

“The power of brand is increasing”: Inngot CEO expands on efforts to facilitate IP-focused lending and insurance

WTR sat down with Martin Brassell, CEO of Inngot, to find out how the company intends to change mindsets on IP value and empower more companies to financially capitalise on their investment in intangibles. Read more

14 Jul 2021

Artificial intelligence could revolutionise understanding of trademark genericism, groundbreaking study claims

A new study has identified an artificial intelligence approach to establish whether a trademark is generic or distinctive, with the academic behind the research telling WTR why it could lead to invaluable business intelligence. Read more

13 Jul 2021

Tech brands soar in latest WTR Brand Elite results; Target shows that sustainability pays

The WTR Brand Elite project tracks how a defined set of brand-focused companies with industry-leading trademark teams perform against stock market indices. Read more

13 Jul 2021

ICANN seeks user insight into SSAD plans as significant frustrations over WHOIS blackout persist

ICANN is looking to determine how many users are expected to use the SSAD and the likely volume of requests if the system is implemented. Read more

12 Jul 2021

“A positive step towards efficiency” – Delhi High Court creates dedicated IP Division

Only months after the controversial abolition of India’s Intellectual Property Appellate Board, the Delhi High Court has announced the creation of an Intellectual Property Division. Read more

10 Jul 2021

INTA’s Iceland case amicus brief throws the spotlight on the registrability of country names as trademarks

In our latest Saturday opinion column, we scrutinise the amicus brief submitted by INTA on the registrability of country names as trademarks. Read more

8 Jul 2021

“In times of crisis, trust matters”: top counsel consider the pandemic’s impact on brands

Covid-19 has affected IP practices in a range of ways. WTR’s Global Leaders reflect on changes to workplace processes and the IP landscape that have been felt over the last 18 months. Read more

8 Jul 2021

Tips from the best: how an industry leader recruits, develops and motivates trademark talent

The Long Read: The covid-19 pandemic and increase in remote working has highlighted that any team’s success is rooted in its talent. FIFA’s Daniel Zohny shares an insider’s view of how to recruit and motivate a stellar roster of trademark experts fit to face any and all obstacles. Read more

8 Jul 2021

XYZ Registry shares brand protection insights following takedown of fake USPTO website

In an exclusive interview with WTR, the vice president of operations at XYZ, Jocelyn Hanc, shares information on how the registry is evolving its brand protection and anti-fraud operations. Read more

7 Jul 2021

L’Oréal boasts largest European and US active trademark portfolios, as key prosecution trends emerge

For our new report – published today – we teamed up with CompuMark to calculate which companies own the largest trademark portfolios in China, Europe and the United States. Read more

7 Jul 2021

The China Trademark 50

Tencent owns the largest number of active Chinese trademarks with a portfolio of 37,205 applications. This is nearly 15,000 more than second-place Beijing Jingdong Triple Bai Lu Pick Up of E-commerce Limited. Read more

7 Jul 2021

The US Trademark 50

The owners of the 50 largest US trademark portfolios collectively held 58,811 active assets in 2020. Together these entities filed 5,557 applications over the course of the year, down 4% from the previous year. Read more

7 Jul 2021

Managing global portfolios: practical tips from brand legal experts at Novartis

Successful brand building leads to portfolios that require careful management. Novartis’ Svetlana Korzhin and David Lossignol share what has worked for them. Read more

7 Jul 2021

Diversity and inclusion: moving the needle together

Facebook's Mike Yaghmai and Dennis Wilson of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, explain why and how the two organisations have partnered up to facilitate faster change towards diversity and inclusion in the legal sector. Read more

7 Jul 2021

Becoming a trusted adviser: how Vodafone’s lead counsel approaches internal bridge-building

No IP department is an island and it is critical that in-house teams cultivate productive and meaningful relationships with non-legal internal stakeholders. Vodafone's Natasza Shilling provides insight into her approach. Read more

7 Jul 2021

The Europe Trademark 50

The top 50 owners of the largest active European trademark portfolios together filed 15% fewer marks last year than they did the year before, dropping from 11,427 applications down to 9,902. Read more

7 Jul 2021

ROI on trademark operations: the Verizon perspective

Patrick Flaherty, senior managing associate general counsel, marketing, IP and digital media law and policy at Verizon, explains how ROI at the multinational telecoms conglomerate is baked into its enforcement approach, where it is characterised as a long-term saving. Read more

6 Jul 2021

“The potential impact is huge” – USPTO continues crackdown on fraudulent filings from China

Latest move is part of a crackdown on fraud at the agency, with one expert suggesting it could lead to US trademark applications from Chinese entities “falling significantly”. Read more

6 Jul 2021

Trading in trademarks: how businesses should respond to global IP agreements

Holly White, senior consultant at Rouse, considers the increasing focus on IP rights in international trade agreements and what this means for trademark owners around the world. Read more

5 Jul 2021

Amazon launches IP Accelerator in India as debate over e-commerce rules intensifies

Amazon has announced the launch of the IP Accelerator programme in India, offering sellers that are also brand owners access to services from trusted IP experts and law firms. Read more

3 Jul 2021

In the wake of the NCAA’s new approach to image rights, student-athlete brand building is about to step up like never before

In our latest Saturday opinion column, we consider the implications of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s adoption of an interim name, image and likeness policy. Read more

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