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“Online platforms are benefiting from counterfeits”: Exclusive interview with American National Red Cross’ Allison Leader

As part of our ongoing series of interviews with WTR 300-featured corporate trademark counsel, we spoke to Allison Leader about the challenges she faces at American National Red Cross and what it takes to successfully manage brand rights in the not-for-profit sector.

“Online platforms are benefiting from counterfeits”: Exclusive interview with American National Red Cross’ Allison Leader
14 Nov 2018

Corsearch purchases Yellow Brand Protection in latest trademark services sector acquisition

Corsearch has acquired Yellow Brand Protection for an undisclosed sum, WTR can exclusively reveal. The deal results in new online anti-counterfeiting and brand protection services falling under the Corsearch umbrella.

11 Nov 2018

Cannabis trademarks rocket, but how long will Canada lead the way? – exclusive data analysis

An analysis of Canadian trademark filings illustrates a sharp rise of applications in the cannabis sector; could that spike be replicated in the US in the future?


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9 Nov 2018

Why Canada’s unexpected trademark reforms are good news for brand owners

Trademark reforms proposed by the Canadian government are positive for brand owners, with mechanisms to tackle trademark squatting and modernised dispute resolution proceedings. Read more

8 Nov 2018

“The role of brand protection is expanding” – technology and security risks causing strategies to evolve

A new study highlights the growing need for brand protection practitioners to work more closely with IT and security departments. Read more

2 Nov 2018

Brand valuation: deciphering the trends and what it means for businesses

We analyse current brand valuation trends and explain why trademark counsel should pay more attention to the rapidly growing valuation industry. Read more

29 Oct 2018

Amazon TLD moves forward but work remains before ‘.amazon’ becomes a reality

The ICANN board has decided that Amazon’s application for the ‘.amazon’ TLD should be moved from the ‘will not proceed’ designation, paving the way for future delegation of a string that has been in limbo for five years.  Read more

29 Oct 2018

India: the dawning of a new day

The Indian trademark office has made significant strides in improving its operations, efficiencies and digital efforts over the past 18 months. We look at how these could shape trademark protection in India in the coming years. Read more

26 Oct 2018

A perfect match? How marketing and legal can create a productive partnership

The historical ‘us versus them’ mentality between marketing and legal departments is not an inevitability – with the right approach, the relationship can be productive and mutually beneficial. Read more

24 Oct 2018

“Counterfeiters have no compunction about hurting or killing people”: exclusive interview with Gilead’s Gretchen Stroud

WTR spoke to Gilead's Gretchen Stroud about the fight against fake drugs being sold on social media, the trademark challenges that arise when drugs go off-patent, and much more. Read more

24 Oct 2018

The state of statistics – academic claims “more can be done” with trademark data

A new academic paper has found that researchers and policymakers should make more use of trademark portfolio data – even using such information instead of patent data in some instances.  Read more

23 Oct 2018

GI face-off – debating current geographical indication protections

We bring together two organisations with different perspectives on geographical indications to discuss the best route forward for this unique form of protection. Read more

19 Oct 2018

China establishes first 'trademark protection office' to assist brands as they go global

A ‘trademark protection office’ has been established in Shanghai to provide local brands with legal support and international know-how – a notable development in the Chinese government's drive to take local brands onto the global stage. Read more

18 Oct 2018

“Leveraging the law is not the whole solution”: interview with Philip Morris’ Herman Cheung

In an exclusive interview, the tobacco giant's Manager of Illicit Trade Prevention talks to WTR about the importance of anti-counterfeiting efforts as the company transitions to a smoke-free future. Read more

18 Oct 2018

Can anonymous internet comments be used as evidence in trademark litigation?

While the role of anonymous confusion is still somewhat muddied by inconsistent approaches, parties should be prepared to handle concerns as to relevance, hearsay and authentication. Read more

16 Oct 2018

How Canada’s new cannabis regime will impact a range of brands and law firms

With Canada set to legalise recreational cannabis, our latest opinion column looks at why trademark counsel should watch this development closely. Read more

15 Oct 2018

Genericism: is the trademark education video the new norm?

The recent Velcro video was highly successful in generating discussion about the use of the company’s trademark, providing crucial insight into brand communication strategies. Read more

11 Oct 2018

Why big spenders shun luxury brands when counterfeits hit the market

A new study reveals that high-earning consumers buy less authentic luxury goods if high-quality counterfeit variants are available – and provides some important pointers on how high-end brands can fight back. Read more

11 Oct 2018

Chief Wahoo has left the stadium but the logo lives on – for legal, not commercial, reasons

The Cleveland Indians’ playoff exit this week also marked the final on-field use of its contentious Chief Wahoo logo. But the team remains under fire over the availability of merchandise bearing the mark. Read more

11 Oct 2018

E-commerce law aims to end the tug of war over online liability, but risks remain

With the E-commerce Law soon to take effect in China, brand owners take stock of the significant effect on online enforcement efforts. Read more

10 Oct 2018

Protecting Peppa Pig in China: interview with Entertainment One’s Niall Trainor

Earlier this week, WTR sat down with Niall Trainor, senior director of brand protection at Entertainment One, to gain exclusive insights into the challenges of protecting the Peppa Pig brand in China. Read more

9 Oct 2018

China joint ventures: an eight-point guide to success

Sino-foreign joint ventures are the most popular way to access the Chinese market, but business owners should beware the traps that lurk every step of the way. Read more

8 Oct 2018

How internet policy is shaping brand protection: issues to track in the ICANN world

ICANN policy making has not always been followed closely by most rights holders, but a strong say from brand owners is essential as key policies are developed. Read more

5 Oct 2018

Why brand owners hold the key to tackling IP misreporting and misrepresentation

In our latest opinion column, we consider how the trademark industry can meaningfully tackle media misperceptions of IP protection and enforcement. Read more

3 Oct 2018

Amazon responds after AAFA demands three of its country platforms be named as notorious markets

The American Apparel & Footwear Association has taken aim at Amazon in its submission to the USTR’s Notorious Markets List. In response, Amazon tells WTR it is investing “tremendous resources” into the fight against fakes. Read more

2 Oct 2018

Attack on the senses: a comparison of non-traditional marks

Practitioners need to be aware of the differences between obtaining protection for smell, taste and texture marks in the European Union and the United States. Read more

1 Oct 2018

Moving and shaking: securing protection for shapes and movement marks

With non-traditional trademark registrations on the rise, a nuanced understanding of the differences between obtaining protection in the European Union and the United States is crucial. Read more

28 Sep 2018

Sounds and colours: EU and US approaches to non-traditional marks

Following a rise in non-traditional trademark registrations, practitioners should be aware of the differences between obtaining protection in the European Union and the United States. Read more

27 Sep 2018

Design patent lessons from Apple v Samsung

The long-running face-off between Apple and Samsung over the design elements of their phone products offers a number of key takeaways for rights holders. Read more

26 Sep 2018

 “People are pushing back against copycats” – lessons from the Chinese licensing front line

The CEO of Alfilo Brands sits down with WTR to reveal the strategies being employed by major cultural institutions, such as museums and art galleries, as they seek to tap into China’s vast consumer market. Read more

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