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Michael Gleissner: massive scope of trademark and domain portfolio revealed in exclusive data

A major new investigation from WTR has identified over 6,800 trademarks and 6,900 domain names that appear to be related to multi-millionaire and serial trademark filer Michael Gleissner.

Michael Gleissner: massive scope of trademark and domain portfolio revealed in exclusive data
Computing and software brands share price plunge continues downward pressure on <em>WTR </em>Brand Elite performance
23 Nov 2020

Computing and software brands share price plunge continues downward pressure on WTR Brand Elite performance

The WTR Brand Elite indices registered a two-point drop in the month ending 30 September – their first fall in seven months. The latest results returned a similar decline.

Inside the growing complexity of counterfeit networks, and how to uproot them
19 Nov 2020

Inside the growing complexity of counterfeit networks, and how to uproot them

Rooting out these networks requires a canny appreciation of how bad actors work with business models akin to their legitimate counterparts.


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18 Nov 2020

Navigating regulation and a crowded Class 5: the race to register a covid-19 vaccine

This week, The Telegraph reported on some of the likely contenders for Pfizer’s vaccine name based on trademark filings by the company and partner BioNTech. Read more

12 Nov 2020

“Firms wouldn’t even accept a woman’s CV”: challenging diversity in Latin American legal culture

Often, the diversity discussion is centred on the goals of firms based in North America or Western Europe. But the conversation is also growing in Central and South America. Read more

12 Nov 2020

Artificial intelligence “insufficient” to prevent counterfeits on online marketplaces, study claims

A new study has looked at how automated systems are being used to detect and prosecute IP infringement online, with the academic behind the research telling WTR that the claim that such tools can detect counterfeits “is simply marketing hype”. Read more

11 Nov 2020

The race for a covid-19 vaccine: a brand opportunity and risk for the entire pharmaceutical sector

The big news from Pfizer on its covid-19 vaccine candidate has brought optimism to many this week. In our latest opinion column we consider the brand dimensions of this breakthrough – for Pfizer and the wider pharmaceutical industry. Read more

11 Nov 2020

Parler on the rise: major brands ignore ‘free speech’ social network despite rapid growth

Research from WTR reveals nearly all usernames related to major brands are registered on the social media platform Parler– with copycat and parody accounts identified as a risk for rights holders. Read more

9 Nov 2020

With US filings breaking records and litigation levels falling, the outlook for 2021 is uncertain

While the latest data suggests that US litigation levels will hit a 12-year low this year, filings continue their upward trajectory. Read more

6 Nov 2020

“I’ll be known as the covid president”: interview with new AIPLA president Joseph Re

WTR spoke to Re about AIPLA’s priorities for the next year, how it has weathered tough financial conditions and how it continues to support its membership. Read more

5 Nov 2020

Four new states legalise recreational cannabis: what it means for brands

US election changes to cannabis and hard drug laws alter the legal landscape, but questions remain as to how they open up the trademark market. Read more

4 Nov 2020

Certification marks provide a unique opportunity to promote a green brand and the role of trademark teams, but they require commitment

For trademark experts, these activities cannot just be a box-ticking exercise. At the very least, they may help raise the profile of the team across the wider business. Read more

29 Oct 2020

Advancing the EU IP agenda in Southeast Asia: interview with IP Key’s Tiago Guerreiro

As the scheme winds down on its four-year strategic plan in Southeast Asia, WTR catches up with project leader Tiago Guerreiro on the initiative’s successes and future goals. Read more

29 Oct 2020

What the UK’s new GI approach means for EU and US trade agreements

While the EU's silence attempts to have the UK squirming, the new GIs place the UK in a favourable position with its non-EU allies. Read more

28 Oct 2020

“An outstanding response” – Chilean IP office recovery praised after second arson attack on headquarters

The Chilean National Institute of Industrial Property has suffered a second arson attack in less than a year, with national director Loreto Bresky describing it as a “hard blow” for the agency. Read more

27 Oct 2020

‘Counterfeit goods are strictly prohibited’ – Tokopedia responds to brand owner concerns

Following reports of a growing problem with fake goods on Indonesian online marketplace Tokopedia, a company spokesperson tells WTR that combating counterfeits “possess its own challenges”. Read more

27 Oct 2020

“The myths can make companies disengage” – exclusive interview with IP Australia’s China representative

Charlotte Trinh has big ambitions to grow the role and push for more engagement between Australian brand owners and the Chinese IP system. Read more

26 Oct 2020

WTR Brand Elite: exclusive data reveals computing and software companies suffered major share price drop in September

The WTR Brand Elite indices registered a two-point drop in the month ending 30 September 2020, driven largely by a significant share price drop among computing and software brands. Read more

23 Oct 2020 responds to complaints it is taking an inconsistent approach to takedown requests

Information supplied to WTR suggests that compliance rates were lower than those of other major e-commerce platforms. Read more

22 Oct 2020

Intangible value of top 10 companies rebounds after covid-19 crash, with Apple leading the way

Brand Finance has released its latest Global Intangible Finance Tracker report, with Apple, Amazon and Saudi Aramco overtaking last year’s leader, Microsoft, on the list of companies boasting the highest level of intangible value. Read more

21 Oct 2020

Tokopedia emerges as primary battlefield in war against counterfeit goods

Indonesian marketplace Tokopedia is being criticised for a lack of engagement with rights holders and inconsistent action on counterfeit goods, so brand owners are urged to push for stronger anti-counterfeiting measures. Read more

19 Oct 2020

Corsearch to acquire Marketly, integrates anti-piracy tools into brand protection offerings

Corsearch will officially announce the acquisition tomorrow, in what is another step by the service provider to broaden its offerings beyond the trademark sphere. Read more

16 Oct 2020

As Royal Enfield sets its sights on EU and US markets, will the Indian company revitalise the vintage UK brand?

If it can pull off the move, it will be a rare example of a heritage brand that went out of fashion in its original market, only to come back to life decades later. Read more

15 Oct 2020

Innovation at WIPO: spotlight on alternative dispute resolution at IP offices

An exclusive guest post on how WIPO has been working with global IP offices to promote the advantages of alternative dispute resolution services. Read more

12 Oct 2020

One year of Madrid in Brazil – IP office claims success, local experts voice concerns

The Brazilian Intellectual Property Office has described last year’s implementation of the Madrid Protocol as "successful"– but local experts claim a number of issues remain for domestic and foreign brand owners. Read more

6 Oct 2020

China’s domestic filings show a country of brands unperturbed by US trade war

For the first time ever, Chinese filings have overtaken domestic US filings at the USPTO. Meanwhile, China’s domestic trademark growth also continues. Read more

2 Oct 2020

Myanmar’s new IP office expected to strengthen the country’s global IP position

The new Myanmar Office of Intellectual Property has opened and started accepting trademark applications since 1 October during a ‘soft opening’ phase. Read more

29 Sep 2020

“PR risk is now part of the IP job” – the developing role of trademark practitioners in an age of hyper-criticism

Why trademark professionals must adapt and expand their skillset in response to a time of coronavirus, hyper-partisanship and cancel culture. Read more

29 Sep 2020

Brands less important to consumers demanding social improvements, report reveals

Brandwatch has released the results of a survey of consumer perception on brand purpose in the light of the coronavirus pandemic. Read more

25 Sep 2020

As the USPTO expects downturn in trademark revenues, Chinese applicants are helping break filing records

Trademark filings at the USPTO seem to have recovered to typical levels but there are still questions over whether the activity level of Chinese applicants will be sustained. Read more

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