Analysis: Legal

An “emphatic win" as Sky emerges victorious in latest round of dispute with SkyKick

The Court of Appeal hands down judgment in the latest round of the dispute between Sky and SkyKick, with the latter vowing to fight on with an appeal to the UK Supreme Court.

26 July 2021

Significant raid carried out against importer of fake mobile phone accessories

More than 15,000 fake mobile phone accessories - bearing brands such as Apple, Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi - have been seized following a huge raid in a commercial establishment and warehouse located in Downtown Lima.

26 July 2021

Domain name disputes in Thailand: how to deal with the pitfalls of the country’s domain registration policy

Domain name disputes sometimes arise between trademark owners and Thai-registered companies that exploit the gaps in Thailand’s current domain registration policy. As demonstrated in a recent dispute, court proceedings are not the only option for mark owners.

23 July 2021

Why design patents are such a potent weapon for US enforcement

Applications for US design patents have increased by 50% over the past decade. Debevoise & Plimpton’s Megan Bannigan, Justin Ferrone and Anna Rennich analyse why so many brand owners are taking this route to bypass trade dress obstacles.

22 July 2021

IP Vietnam implements more flexible requirements regarding authorised signatories in IP procedures

Meeting the requirements set forth by Notice No 13822 with regard to authorised signatories has proven challenging - or even impossible - for many overseas IP rights holders. IP Vietnam has now relaxed these requirements by issuing Notice No 6959.

22 July 2021

The case for consumers: call for legal reform to provide standing to trademark stakeholders

A new study has found that the current Lanham Act “may not be a perfect fit to all sectors of the market”, especially in situations when a consumer’s reliance on a trademark may cause them reputational or financial harm.

21 July 2021

Tiffany & Co settles infringement dispute with Costco, ending eight-year battle

A court filing lodged yesterday confirms that the case has been voluntarily dismissed with prejudice.

20 July 2021

Russian Champagne - a real Sham(panskoye)? New Russian law redefines Champagne and causes a lot of fuss over fizz

This update looks at the implications of the shock announcement from Russia concerning changes to the legal definitions of ‘Champagne’ and ‘Cognac’ in the country.

19 July 2021

Trademark prosecution in China: statistics and trends analysed

Statistics recently released by the CNIPA signal a downward trend in terms of the approval rate. In contrast, securing the cancellation or invalidation of a registered trademark has become increasingly easy in China.

15 July 2021

Artificial intelligence could revolutionise understanding of trademark genericism, groundbreaking study claims

A new study has identified an artificial intelligence approach to establish whether a trademark is generic or distinctive, with the academic behind the research telling WTR why it could lead to invaluable business intelligence.

14 July 2021

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