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Kazakhstan to introduce mandatory digital labelling of footwear

The mandatory digital labelling of footwear is to be introduced in Kazakhstan on 1 November 2021 in a bid to minimise the presence of counterfeit footwear in the country, which currently makes up 48.5% of the local footwear market.

08 September 2021

USPTO report fails to answer central questions on state infringement but highlights enforcement challenge for rights holders

While it failed to answer some of the central questions it was posed, the publication illustrates the uphill battle rights holders face when dealing with infringement by states.

06 September 2021

China moves to increase pressure on e-commerce platforms, threatening to revoke business licences for IP violations

China’s SAMR has announced its intention to amend the country’s E-commerce Law, threatening to revoke the licences of platforms that fail to take proper action against counterfeiters.

02 September 2021

Latvian trademark environment returns to normal following explosion of Michael Gleissner activity

After Latvia’s trademark sector was “transformed” by the activities of Michael Gleissner two years ago, experts reveal how normality is returning – and that up to 900 of the millionaire’s trademark registrations are up for auction.

02 September 2021

CNIPA issues draft standards for determining illegal trademark conduct

The China National Intellectual Property Administration has issued draft standards for determining general trademark violations, with the aim of strengthening the administration of trademark use and unifying enforcement standards.

02 September 2021

Caught red handed: raid on Epson ink and HP toner counterfeiters results in big win for IP rights holders

A police raid has led to a significant seizure of goods and three arrests. The subsequent court hearing resulted in two sentences and a plea bargain that delivered high compensation for the IP rights holders.

02 September 2021

Influencer liability ruling opens door for direct infringement claims, but brands must tread carefully

Social media influencers could become bigger targets for trademark infringement suits under a recent ruling by the California District Court. But brand owners must be careful not to turn loyal followers against them.

30 August 2021

Extension of TRIPS general transition period for least developed countries: impact on Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar

The transition period for the least developed countries to apply the TRIPS Agreement has been extended by another 13 years. This update provides an overview of the extension’s ramifications for Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

11 August 2021

Seizures carried out in Paraguay’s provinces during the covid-19 pandemic

The lack of consistent criteria concerning the territorial jurisdiction of Paraguay’s specialised IP agencies has led to difficulties when trying to protect IP rights in the country. However, the relevant agencies have been making efforts to overcome this issue.

10 August 2021

IP Vietnam issues guidance on deadline extensions amid covid-19 pandemic

Due to the fourth wave of covid-19 in the country, IP Vietnam has announced that all deadlines for any procedures for the establishment of industrial property rights falling within the period from 30 June 2021 to 31 August 2021 shall be automatically extended to 30 September 2021.

09 August 2021

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