Incoming trademark data indicates we are on track for a record year

This week we provide our regular update on the extent of the coronavirus’ impact on the trademark ecosystem

Incoming trademark data indicates we are on track for a record year
Advancing the EU IP agenda in Southeast Asia: interview with IP Key’s Tiago Guerreiro
29 Oct 2020

Advancing the EU IP agenda in Southeast Asia: interview with IP Key’s Tiago Guerreiro

As the scheme winds down on its four-year strategic plan in Southeast Asia, WTR catches up with project leader Tiago Guerreiro on the initiative’s successes and future goals.

What the UK’s new GI approach means for EU and US trade agreements
29 Oct 2020

What the UK’s new GI approach means for EU and US trade agreements

While the EU's silence attempts to have the UK squirming, the new GIs place the UK in a favourable position with its non-EU allies.


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27 Oct 2020

“Digitalisation is disrupting the old IP world”: Novagraaf CEO expands on NovumIP service provider plans

In January we reported that Novagraaf and PAVIS had joined forces to create a new IP service provider, NovumIP.  We sat down with Lutgarde Liezenberg, CEO of the Novagraaf Group, to find out how the organisation has adapted to an ever-changing environment. Read more

27 Oct 2020

“The myths can make companies disengage” – exclusive interview with IP Australia’s China representative

Charlotte Trinh has big ambitions to grow the role and push for more engagement between Australian brand owners and the Chinese IP system. Read more

23 Oct 2020

L’Oréal announces new CEO, but don’t expect too many changes in brand strategy

Stability, brand investment and adaptable marketing have been key to the cosmetic titan’s success. It may have stumbled during the pandemic but its forward-thinking approach to marketing and deep understanding of its namesake brands means recovery is inevitable Read more

23 Oct 2020 responds to complaints it is taking an inconsistent approach to takedown requests

Information supplied to WTR suggests that compliance rates were lower than those of other major e-commerce platforms. Read more

22 Oct 2020

US Supreme Court urged to rule on treatment of parody after Jack Daniel’s petition

If the court grants certiorari, it will once again be weighing in on a case that reconsiders how free speech interplays with commercial trademark rights. Read more

21 Oct 2020

Work-life balance likely to become less polarising but there could be a sting in the tail

Industry leaders expect work-life balance complaints in trademark teams to ease in the coming months. While seemingly positive, there are also warnings that this could be an ominous indicator of future unrest. Read more

21 Oct 2020

Industry veterans launch new channel to take trademark message to the masses

This month saw the official launch of The Trademark Channel. WTR sat down with co-founder Relani Belous to get the inside track on the offering and its future plans. Read more

19 Oct 2020

“The ultimate impact of covid-19 on trademarks has yet to be felt”: industry leaders look to the future

The cyclical nature of IP financial planning means that the impact of the pandemic on trademarks may not yet have been fully felt, with industry leaders citing budgets as the number one concern in the coming months. Read more

19 Oct 2020

“The more you go against networks, the bigger difference you make”: inside Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit

On the final day of WTR Connect last week, Amazon’s Cristina Posa took part in a fireside chat which delved into the e-commerce giant's Counterfeit Crimes Unit’s mission, make-up and approach. Read more

19 Oct 2020

Corsearch to acquire Marketly, integrates anti-piracy tools into brand protection offerings

Corsearch will officially announce the acquisition tomorrow, in what is another step by the service provider to broaden its offerings beyond the trademark sphere. Read more

16 Oct 2020

Playboy trying to strike delicate balance as it returns to public markets

The company has pivoted from magazines to prioritise its licensing business. Yet, while it cashes in on these deals, it is simultaneously re-imagining the very brand that gave it its fame. Read more

16 Oct 2020

As Royal Enfield sets its sights on EU and US markets, will the Indian company revitalise the vintage UK brand?

If it can pull off the move, it will be a rare example of a heritage brand that went out of fashion in its original market, only to come back to life decades later. Read more

15 Oct 2020

USPTO commissioner reflects on a “rollercoaster” year in trademarks and plans for the future

David Gooder provides the inside track on the office's "rollercoaster" year for trademark filings, efforts to ensure the integrity of the register, planned fee increases and future financial planning. Read more

14 Oct 2020

“Chinese undertakings have come back quickly and forcefully”: EUIPO executive director reveals the latest filing trends

In a fireside chat at WTR Connect, Christian Archambeau, executive director of the EUIPO, provided insight into the changing filing patterns that have seen Chinese applicants become the top filers at the office, as well as an update on efforts to fight the scourge of solicitation scams. Read more

14 Oct 2020

“The secret sauce is communication” – exclusive interview with Oracle’s Tiki Dare

Also the 2021 INTA president, Dare sat down with WTR to explain how she has approached the management of both Oracle’s portfolio and the role that the INTA community has played in it. Read more

12 Oct 2020

“An opportunity to break new ground” – why GI negotiations between Australia and EU could be positive, despite concerns

The FTA negotiations have Australia pressured to adapt an EU-centric geographical indication regime. Local experts tell WTR of the concerns felt by rights holders. Read more

9 Oct 2020

China overtakes American brand owners to be largest source of trademark applications at the USPTO: data analysis

The unprecedented growth in filings from the Asian giant has many practitioners scratching their heads, so we’ve drilled into the data to provide a comprehensive picture of the situation. Read more

8 Oct 2020

Presidential candidate domain traffic at risk of phishing scams, highlighting need for brands to review vulnerabilities

Over 90% of domains associated with the US presidential election candidates are at risk of potential redirection, disinformation and data theft. Read more

7 Oct 2020

ICANN turns to European Commission for GDPR clarity as WHOIS report continues to prove divisive

Since WHOIS effectively went dark in 2018, efforts have been underway to develop a model that allows access to data for legitimate and lawful purposes. However, the proposals issued by ICANN in August have come under criticism from the IP community. Read more

6 Oct 2020

China’s domestic filings show a country of brands unperturbed by US trade war

For the first time ever, Chinese filings have overtaken domestic US filings at the USPTO. Meanwhile, China’s domestic trademark growth also continues. Read more

5 Oct 2020

Consumers look online for fakes as offline purchases plummet: exclusive survey results

New research reveals that consumers purchasing fake goods, either deliberately or unintentionally, are turning away from physical stores and markets and increasingly looking online. The results highlight how policing strategies should be adapted to current purchasing trends. Read more

2 Oct 2020

Madrid, trolls and legislative change: explaining the latest filing trends in Canada

Trademark applications in Canada are down in 2020 – but coronavirus is not the cause, as our exclusive data analysis reveals. Read more

2 Oct 2020

Myanmar’s new IP office expected to strengthen the country’s global IP position

The new Myanmar Office of Intellectual Property has opened and started accepting trademark applications since 1 October during a ‘soft opening’ phase. Read more

1 Oct 2020

Amazon expands Transparency in Asia-Pacific, provides update on counterfeit interceptions

Amazon has announced the expansion of its Transparency product serialisation service to Australia and Japan. Read more

30 Sep 2020

Compensating NCAA college athletes: new licensing model proposed in bid to solve long-standing schism

A new collective licensing model has been proposed in a bid to settle efforts to allow student athletes to profit from their names, images and likenesses. Read more

29 Sep 2020

Brands less important to consumers demanding social improvements, report reveals

Brandwatch has released the results of a survey of consumer perception on brand purpose in the light of the coronavirus pandemic. Read more

29 Sep 2020

Takeaways from Fred Perry's response to Proud Boys' use of its brand

In our latest opinion piece we reflect on how Fred Perry has responded to the (unauthorised) association between its iconic brand and a far-right group. Read more

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