How to wield trust to protect your brand online in an evolving threat landscape

In this guest analysis Bill Taylor, chief marketing officer at OpSec Security, explains why and how trust should be placed at the heart of brand protection efforts.

How to wield trust to protect your brand online in an evolving threat landscape
The notorious markets you need to have on your policing radar
18 Jan 2021

The notorious markets you need to have on your policing radar

The latest USTR list provides crucial intelligence for rights holders, with eight new physical markets added.

Under-resourced and under-appreciated: now is the time for trademark teams to raise their corporate profile
16 Jan 2021

Under-resourced and under-appreciated: now is the time for trademark teams to raise their corporate profile

In the first of a series of Saturday opinion columns we consider what 2021 will look like for corporate trademark professionals, and how they should respond.


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15 Jan 2021

How lawyers tackled infringing Michael Jordan Chinese translation marks that were too old to invalidate

GEN Law Firm partner Steve Zhao and associate Pei Lyu reveal the intricacies of the arguments that made them successful in the Shanghai court. Read more

15 Jan 2021

Analysis of the top representatives of Chinese applicants at USPTO reveals strange ebb and flow in workloads

Trademark data shows peculiarities in the mega filers’ activity, particularly within Jonathan Morton’s portfolio. Read more

14 Jan 2021

Renault disappears and Aston Martin returns: brand lessons from two teams in the 2021 F1 season

As Renault F1 and Racing Point rebrand to Alpine F1 and Aston Martin respectively, WTR asks brand experts whether these are savvy moves or will cause consumer confusion. Read more

14 Jan 2021

New censorship-free internet system launches: what rights holders need to know

A new decentralised internet naming system has been launched today, promising a censorship-free online space in which “no person or organisation can block, censor, or cancel your subdomain”. Read more

13 Jan 2021

Tracking fakes: revealing the most popular regions for buyers of counterfeit goods

New research from WTR reveals where people searching for counterfeit goods are residing, uncovering a significant difference between brands. Read more

13 Jan 2021

US Supreme Court denies certiorari to parody case, leaving Ninth Circuit open to forum shopping, expert says

Trademark experts say that the move has left the Ninth Circuit as the “go-to circuit for declaratory actions for non-infringement”. Read more

12 Jan 2021

Costs and budget cut worries at the fore as research reveals toll of pandemic on IP practice

NovumIP has published its ‘IP industry outlook 2021’ report, which charts the toll of the covid-19 pandemic on IP operations. Read more

8 Jan 2021

How the French IP office educates the public on IP systems

Pascal Faure, CEO of INPI, explains how the office engaged the public in IP matters in 2020 through online courses and annual awards. Read more

8 Jan 2021

Early trademark data reveals 2020 to be a record year despite the covid-19 pandemic

Despite the impact of the covid-19 pandemic across the globe last year, trademark filings recovered from an initial downturn and actually grew significantly in the second half of 2020. Read more

8 Jan 2021

Counterfeit vaccines highlight dark web’s role in illicit supply chains

As nations begin the roll-out of covid-19 vaccines, there is a risk of bad actors cashing in on the unprecedented demand through dark web marketplaces. Read more

7 Jan 2021

Rebranding opportunity and risk in the spotlight as Pfizer launches new logo

With the eyes of the world on Pfizer, WTR spoke to experts on what the pros and cons might be for undergoing a rebrand at such a pivotal moment. Read more

7 Jan 2021

US trademark litigation levels slump in 2020: most active law firms revealed

This time last year, we reported that trademark litigation filings in federal district courts had hit a four-year high, outpacing patent cases for the second straight year. However, 2020 was very different. Read more

6 Jan 2021

“I used to call myself Cinderella”: INTA’s first African-American officer reflects on her personal journey and diversity in the trademark profession

In November last year, Deborah Hampton made history when she was elected to be the first African-American officer at INTA. She sits down with WTR to discuss her journey and the state of diversity in the industry. Read more

5 Jan 2021

Suggestion of applying contributory liability for counterfeit sales to e-commerce platforms proves divisive

Submissions to the USPTO on the possible application of contributory and/or vicarious trademark infringement liability to e-commerce platforms have revealed a clear division between the positions of e-commerce companies and rights holders. Read more

4 Jan 2021

New year, same wait for WHOIS data access clarity as governments look to exert pressure

While efforts to develop a global access system for WHOIS data continue, recent developments in the United States and the European Union suggest that governments are willing to require more of registries and registrars. Read more

23 Dec 2020

“We are committed to increasing the integrity of the trademark register”: USPTO evaluates recent initiatives

USPTO Commissioner for Trademarks David Gooder considers the successes of this year’s programmes and what remains to be done in 2021. Read more

18 Dec 2020

China trademark litigation: all the statistics you need to know

In a new annual article, we delve into infringement data to track trends and identify key figures Read more

17 Dec 2020

WTR Brand Elite hits three-year high as share values rebound strongly

The WTR Brand Elite project tracks how a defined set of brand-focused companies with industry-leading trademark teams perform against stock market indices. Read more

17 Dec 2020

“Not sure it is the right time”: practitioners question Chile’s move to approve the Madrid Protocol

Local experts have expressed concern that the country’s existing legal structures may not be ready to handle international registrations after joining the Madrid Protocol. Read more

17 Dec 2020

Bentley Clothing prevails against Bentley Motors but laments enforcement costs for small businesses

Bentley Motors has lost its appeal against a ruling in a long-running dispute with Bentley Clothing. However, the clothing company's director has slammed the current legal system. Read more

16 Dec 2020

INTA 2021 president reveals priorities and task force focus: interview with Tiki Dare

WTR sits down with Tiki Dare, who next month takes up the mantle of 2021 INTA president, for a wide-ranging discussion. Read more

16 Dec 2020

Exclusive JPO perspective on falling filing numbers for non-traditional marks

Five years after the law was changed to allow the registration of non-traditional marks, application numbers have dropped dramatically. Representatives of the Japan Patent Office offer some insight as to the future of such marks in the country. Read more

16 Dec 2020

“You cannot stop the IP train”: experts consider impact of Australia-China trade disputes on rights holders

The political relationship between Australia and China has further broken down. But IP experts remain confident that the tensions will not have a dramatic impact on brand work. Read more

15 Dec 2020

Exclusive data reveals a “strong upswing” in the number of fake products being bought offline

The latest findings of WTR’s exclusive research collaboration project with reveal that consumers are starting to return to physical marketplaces to purchase counterfeit goods. Read more

11 Dec 2020

Data analysis reveals impact on filings for Amazon’s IP Accelerators panel firms

When it first launched, the programme received a lot of hype, not least for the creation of an elite panel of vetted law firms. But how much of a boost did practices gain from access to a wide range of potential new clients? The data suggests mixed results. Read more

10 Dec 2020

Trademarks during the year of covid: exclusive insights from ESPN and Harley-Davidson

Continuing our new series, WTR presents exclusive insights from the principal counsel at ESPN, Allison Cantor, and the assistant general counsel of trademarks at Harley-Davidson, Adraea Brown. Read more

9 Dec 2020

Dealing with cut budgets and fighting fakes during a pandemic: interview with Starbucks’ Batur Oktay

WTR sits down with Batur Oktay to explore how he led the Starbucks IP team through the many challenges created by covid-19 this year. Read more

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